10 non-penetrative sex ideas

10 non-penetrative sex ideas

When people talk about sex, penetrative sex is always the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s not just penetrative sex that can be called sexual intercourse and bring about pleasurable feelings. Non-penetrative sex can also bring enough excitement, and many women do not feel pleasure during penetration, so non-penetrative sex is the key to improving women’s sexual experience.

Why should you try non-penetrative intercourse?

Non-penetrative sex can not only bring a good experience, but also reduce stress to a certain extent, allowing us to better explore sex and try new sexual activities. Non-penetrative sex can also reduce the orgasm gap between the sexes and increase mutual sexual intimacy.

1. Erotic Massage

Giving each other an erotic massage is a great way to flirt, since you can look at your partner's naked body and explore her body with your hands. Before starting an erotic massage, you can create some atmosphere, such as lighting good-smelling scented candles, using scented massage oil, and choosing a comfortable, dim environment. Through erotic massage, you can also better understand your partner's sensitive areas and understand the method and intensity she likes.

2. Make out

Kissing is not limited to lips, you can leave hickeys on your partner's neck, thighs, chest, and sensitive areas. Intimacy can not only put the body into a better state, improve blood circulation, and make the body more sensitive. In the process of touching and kissing your partner, you can become closer to each other.

3. Oral Sex

Many people may not be able to accept oral sex, but oral sex must be a way for partners to feel pleasure, or a wonderful experience, and it can also bring them closer together. If you have an idea you want to try, why not? Isn't it fun to try using your tongue and lips to tease your partner and give her a more intense stimulation experience?

4. Use sex toys

If you want to try non-penetrative sex, then sex toys are very suitable for you. They can not only bring you a more exciting feeling, but also allow you to enjoy pleasure with or without a partner. And sex toys are safe, hygienic, and very convenient. If you want to buy a new sex toy, then I recommend this rose toy to you. It not only has a beautiful appearance and is concealable, but also has powerful functions. The dual stimulation of vibration and sucking will bring you a pleasant experience like oral sex. 


If you and your partner are both interested in BDSM, giving it a try might bring you a novel experience. My suggestion is to start slowly, communicate with your partner first, understand each other's preferences and boundaries, and set a safe word. Secondly, start with safe, small games and slowly try them. Do not choose extremely dangerous games such as breathing games at the beginning.

6. New ways to have sex

Not only penetration can be called sex, we also have many options, such as oral sex, finger sex, etc., which can also bring pleasant feelings and sexual experience.

7. Temperature Play

Temperature games can bring new sensory stimulation to your sex life. Temperature games are mainly divided into two categories, one is candle games and the other is ice cube games. Remember to take a temperature on your arm before you start trying to avoid getting too hot and injuring your partner. In the coming summer, ice cube games will be more popular with everyone. In the hot summer, imagine the feeling of ice cubes sliding down your body.

8. Role Play

If you want to try something new, it's important to get your partner's permission. You can choose an appropriate time to talk about role playing with your partner and show her your interest. It's important to respect your partner's opinion and set up a safe word before you start. If you are just starting to try role-playing and don't know what role to play, you can choose the one you like from the following ones: doctors, nurses and patients, police and criminals, masters and slaves, photographers and models, etc. Create your own story settings and scenes.

9. Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation can bring new excitement and interest to sex life, making each other closer and more trusting. Watching your partner masturbate and caress themselves is a thrilling and exciting thing. It also satisfies some people's voyeuristic desires and enhances each other's sexual desire and imagination.

10. Sexting

I believe everyone is familiar with sexting. Sexting is also a good way to ignite each other's sexual desire and excitement. It can also be a good way for partners who are in different places to get closer to each other. Whether you're in a long-term romantic relationship or a new acquaintance, a new spark can be ignited, as long as both parties agree.

If you're not confident enough about sexting, don't be afraid that you don't have to be perfect. Moreover, sexting requires a lot of practice, and no one can perform well at the beginning. Using your imagination can enhance your sexting experience.

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