10 Reasons to Use Lubricant During Sex

10 Reasons to Use Lubricant During Sex

Lubricating is an important but often overlooked part of sex, and it can bring many practical benefits, whether you're alone or with a partner.

1. Enter the game faster

Generally speaking, women's natural lubrication represents sexual arousal, which is the same as men's erections. During sexual stimulation, blood circulation is accelerated, allowing more blood to flow to the genital area. Makes us feel better, more sensitive, and promotes the secretion of body fluids. Even if you are completely in a state of excitement, it takes a certain amount of time for the body to be in sync with the excitement of the brain. Using lubricant can help you enter the game faster and shorten the time with higher efficiency.

2. Bring new feelings

Different lubricants can bring different feelings and stimulation, and have new pleasures. Different types of lubricants have different textures, smoothness, durability, and even different fragrances. Using lubricating oil can also add a sense of ritual, with scented candles, ambient lights, playing sexy music, etc.

3. Reduce pain and friction

Using lubricant can reduce pain caused by friction and increase pleasure.

4. Counteract natural problems that affect lubrication

There are many factors that can cause a decrease in the natural lubrication produced by the vagina, such as the effects of medications, menopause, and even the menstrual cycle. These factors will all have an impact on vaginal lubrication, and lubricant can improve this and increase lubrication.

5. Focus more on sex in the moment

If there is insufficient lubrication during sexual intercourse or if you are impatient, you will be distracted to a great extent and unable to focus on the present moment. Using lubricant allows you to focus more on enjoying sex without worrying about friction and pain.

6. Have a better foreplay experience

Lubricants not only increase lubrication but also reduce friction and discomfort. It can also be used as a prop for foreplay and as a massage oil, which can give your partner a good massage and give you a better foreplay experience.

7. Better understand what your body likes

Lubricating oil is not only used with a partner, lubricating oil also plays a big role in self-exploration. Try different types of lubricating oil to have different stimulating feelings. You can understand more clearly what you like and what feels better. Lube can also be used in conjunction with sex toys for a more pleasurable experience.

8. Make anal sex pleasurable

The anus is not naturally lubricated like the vagina, so using lubricant is essential. And you need to use a large amount of sufficiently moisturizing lubricant and reapply it in time. This is not only for a more pleasant experience, but also for safety if frictional discomfort occurs due to insufficient lubrication. Even bleeding can greatly increase the risk of infection and sexually transmitted diseases. If you are trying anal sex, it is recommended to use silicone-based lubricants, which are more durable than water-based lubricants and will not react with condoms and cause damage like oil-based lubricants.

9. Extend gaming time

Lubricants can keep the vagina moist and smooth for a long time. Suitable for long-term sex without having to worry about discomfort caused by friction.

10. Lubricating oil will not cause dependence

Many people are afraid of becoming dependent on lubricants to enjoy sex, and worry that over-reliance on lubricants will ruin sex without lubricants. But that’s not the case, you can still enjoy sex without lube, so don’t worry, just use it when you want.

Things to avoid when using lubricants

1. Using the wrong type of lubricant

There are many different types of lubricants to choose from, such as common water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants. Among them, water-based lubricant is the most widely used and is suitable for most sex scenes. However, it is not suitable for shower sex and is easily washed away by the water flow.

2. Insufficient amount of lubricating oil

What is often overlooked is reapplying lubricant. Of course, the right amount of lubricant is the best. You can slowly learn the amount that suits you during sex. But it’s always better to have too much than too little, and if it’s too much you can wipe it off. You also don’t want to interrupt sex to reapply lube.

3. Ignore allergies

If you have a sensitive constitution, you should pay special attention. Water-based lubricants are safer than oil-based or silicon-based lubricants. Try not to choose scented lubricants, and check the ingredient list when buying lubricants. The fewer ingredients, the safer they are. If you are still worried, you can test the lubricant on your hands before you start trying it, and then start using it if there is no problem.

Final thoughts

Lubricant is an important part of sex, but it's often overlooked. Different types of lubricants can greatly improve your sexual experience and reduce discomfort caused by friction. Or maybe you want some fresh feelings and try some new activities, lube is a great help.

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