7 ways to inject intimacy into your weekend

7 ways to inject intimacy into your weekend

Whether you are overwhelmed by work or trivial matters in daily life, then the weekend is a good opportunity to enhance each other's feelings and inject new interest into each other's relationship.

1. Plan ahead

If you want to have a great weekend, planning ahead is necessary. You can plan a weekend date outing with your partner. Let's put aside the worries and pressures in life for a short time and rekindle each other's passion. Or you can try to relive the intimate memories of each other, going back to the time when each other was young and on your first date to increase your intimacy and excitement.

2. Adjust your mood

To prepare for your weekend plans and regulate your emotions, you can try mindfulness meditation, yoga, or exercise to focus on the present and clear troubling thoughts. Feel better about yourself during these exercises. Of course, you can also choose to exercise with your partner, which not only strengthens your body but also helps your body and mind, and can also relieve stress and anxiety. Releases hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, which make us feel pleasure.

Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy is also a way to adjust our mood. A clean and tidy bedroom can bring us a happy mood. After all, no matter who sees a dirty bedroom, he will not be in a good mood and will also feel anxious and stressed. Of course, on the basis of keeping the bedroom clean and tidy, it is also important to add a little atmosphere to the bedroom, such as scented candles, ambient lights, and sexy playlists.

If you want to be in a good mood, it's also important not to be disturbed. Try muting your cell phone and work messages or keeping each other's cell phones away from the bedroom during intimate time with your partner. Avoid the frustration of being interrupted by messages on your phone during intimacy with your partner.

3. Arrange foreplay

Sexual intercourse does not necessarily include penetration. Isn't arranging foreplay a kind of arranged sex? Moreover, women do not feel good during penetrative sex. They can only experience pleasure during foreplay. So why not give it a try? Erotic massage, bathing together, oral sex, temperature play and more. Or you can try out the ideas on your wish list. Arrange foreplay, maybe it will be more interesting.

4. Dress sexy

Want to ignite new passion and spark in your sex life? Investing in new sexy underwear may be a very good choice. Sexy underwear can not only show off the charming curves of your body, but also better display your beauty and confidence. At the same time, choosing some special sexy underwear or clothing can also satisfy your own or your partner's sexual fantasies. On this basis, you can explore your sexual fantasies or role-playing, etc.

5. Enjoy the erotic atmosphere

Watching pornographic works together is also a good choice. It can not only enhance each other's intimacy, but also promote sexual excitement and tension, and better sexual arousal. It is also important to communicate each other's preferences in this process. Share each other's favorite behaviors, or what you want the other person to do to you, and share your favorite types of pornographic films or erotic books. This is also a better way to understand each other's sexual preferences and The way of sexual fantasy can also provide new ideas for subsequent practice. Communicating sexual preferences is a relatively private matter. At the same time, it is good for improving your current sex life and increasing mutual sexual intimacy, so don't be shy and actively communicate your feelings and thoughts with your partner.

6. Start in the morning

Having a good mood from the morning can start a good day. Want to change your thoughts and mood? Instead, start with a morning routine and start by pleasing yourself to better inject passion into the relationship.

7. Keep it fresh

Novelty is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship. When the novelty fades, the relationship will lack passion and desire, and it will also affect each other's feelings. So how do you keep it fresh? You can create a little surprise for your partner in your daily life, give your partner a small gift, etc., or try something new. Such as BDSM, role play, exploring sexual fantasies and trying new sex toys, etc.

Using sex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap and make both of you feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy. You can also try some less conventional sex toys. For example, cock rings, butt plugs, dildos, etc., you can also use them in combination. 

Final thoughts

Want to inject new excitement and intimacy into your relationship over the weekend? Try some of the ideas and creations above to spice up your weekend.

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