9 myths about masturbation debunked

9 myths about masturbation debunked

In order to better celebrate the upcoming Masturbation Month in May, it’s time to bust some myths about masturbation so that we can better celebrate and enjoy self-pleasure. Masturbation is a very normal and helpful behavior for our health, but due to some misunderstandings about masturbation, people feel shame or guilt and other negative emotions about masturbation. It’s time to bust these myths and embrace our sexuality and enjoy better self-pleasure.

1. People in love don’t masturbate

This is a very common misconception. In fact, masturbation occurs whether you are single or in a relationship. After all, everyone has different sexual desires and different needs for sex, so masturbation can reduce this gap very well. Therefore, masturbating in a love relationship does not mean that your partner cannot satisfy you, or that there are problems in the relationship, emotional breakdown, etc.

2. Masturbation can make you blind

This has been going on for centuries, but there's no scientific basis for it. Masturbation won't cause blindness, hairy palms, or other health problems, so don't worry about it. On the contrary, masturbation can also bring many benefits to our health, such as relieving stress and anxiety, improving mood, getting better sleep, etc.

3. Masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction

Masturbation is a normal behavior and does not cause erectile dysfunction. Masturbation allows us to explore our own ways of pleasure without causing damage to the penis and its functions. Research shows that masturbation does not have a negative impact on sex. On the contrary, it makes you healthier and reduces the risk of penile cancer. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. If necessary, it is recommended to seek help from a doctor or a sex therapist.

4. Masturbation can harm your health

Masturbation can be harmful to health, the answer is no. On the contrary, masturbation not only does not harm your health, but also brings many benefits to your health, such as better sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing sexual confidence.

5. Masturbation is shameful and immoral

In some countries or regions, due to social or religious influence, masturbation is taught to be shameful and immoral. There may be some people who are too deeply affected to get rid of it right away. But this is not true. Masturbation is a very normal and healthy behavior and is nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Masturbation is a sign of sex addiction

Masturbation is not a sign of sex addiction; it is normal and healthy. Without affecting daily life, there is no need to worry about whether the number of times is too many. But if masturbation becomes a substitute for real life, it will lead to excessiveness. In addition, if masturbation causes physical aches, emotional problems, relationship problems, or habit problems, then it may lead to excessiveness.

7. Masturbation reduces your sensitivity

Does masturbating or using a vibrator reduce sensitivity? The answer is no, masturbating or using a vibrator does not desensitize you, if at all, only temporarily. It may be that experiencing strong stimulation in the moment makes your nerves less sensitive, but the sensitivity will slowly return after a few minutes, so don't worry that using sex toys will cause you to permanently lose your sensitivity.

8. Masturbation is only for men

Many people may think that women don’t masturbate, but that’s not the case. Perhaps due to social or moral pressure, women feel ashamed about masturbating or are embarrassed to speak out. Moreover, female masturbation can not only enjoy better self-pleasure, but also has many health benefits. It can help women understand their body better and what makes them feel good, and they can also have a better sexual experience during sex.

9. Masturbation is a substitute for sex

Masturbation does not make you less interested in having sex with others, making it a substitute for sex. On the contrary, masturbation can help you better understand the way to orgasm, have better enjoyment during sex, and become more confident. If you have a partner, you can try masturbating with your partner. Not only can you get to know your partner better, but you can also get closer to each other.

Why are there so many misunderstandings about masturbation?

Perhaps due to some traditional concepts or religious beliefs, people do not have a correct understanding and positive view of sex. Fear and ignorance about sex and masturbation, and lack of scientific basis, lead to many misunderstandings about sex. Masturbation is a very normal and healthy thing. Of course, if you don’t want to masturbate, there is no problem at all.

Final thoughts

Masturbation is a normal and healthy thing. Let us uncover the myths about masturbation and let us understand and face it with a normal mentality. Masturbation not only does no harm to our body, but on the contrary, it can also bring many benefits. , such as better sleep, stress and pain relief, and a better way to understand yourself and orgasm. So in the upcoming Masturbation Month of May, let us embrace our desires, take action, and better enjoy self-pleasure.

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