9 sensory playing tools you should try

9 sensory playing tools you should try

We experience and interact with the world through our senses—sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. So the senses play a huge role in how we receive and experience pleasure.

Sensory games enhance our feelings and experience different pleasures by amplifying these sensory stimulations. Sensory games are a great way to unleash our imagination and enhance experiences and realize more possibilities through one or more sensory stimulations.

Sensory games can give full play to your autonomy, provide you with more possibilities to try, and add new interest to your sexual life. Below we’ll introduce the best products for stimulating your senses and teasing your partner, as well as some related tips.

1. Candles

Candle play involves dripping hot wax on various parts of your partner's body to achieve a balance of heat, slight pain, and pleasure. You can also add deprivation games to it, such as wearing eye masks and earplugs, to achieve more intense stimulation.

When choosing a candle, novices should remember not to choose ordinary candles, as this may cause burns. To choose specialized low-temperature candles, start with soy candles. When applying wax, avoid hairy areas, the head and genital area.

Of course, before you start trying the candle game with your partner, communicate your wishes and make sure your partner agrees. And establish boundaries and set verbal or non-verbal safe words.

2. Paddles and whippers

Impact play is also a way to explore sensory play. Impact play is usually a game in which is hit or hit repeatedly with hands or toys. Achieving a delicate balance of pain and pleasure, blows are usually delivered to the buttocks, back, thighs or chest. For better stimulation while ensuring safety, it is recommended to purchase professional tools, such as paddles or whippers.

If you are not very experienced in impact play, a whipper is more recommended, you can try not only gentle teasing and whipping, but also rough targeting. You can better control the intensity and understand the intensity your partner likes.

3. Temperature play

A very common sensory game that can be combined with a temperature game or using ice cubes. You can hold a piece of ice in your mouth and kiss your partner, kiss a sensitive part of your partner's body, or slide the ice cube on your partner's skin. There are many ways to play with ice cubes, let your imagination run wild.

Or combine temperature games with sex toys, you can try heated sex toys or put sex toys into cold water. The most suitable sex toys for temperature games are glass sex toys and stainless steel sex toys because they have many Good thermal conductivity.

But before trying the temperature game, it’s necessary to take a temperature measurement on your hand. It can ensure comfort and will not harm yourself or your partner.

4. Wattenberg Wheel

This is a very popular sensory play toy that allows you to feel different levels of pressure. It can range from being gentle and gentle to applying pressure and feeling slight pain. It can be used all over the body to explore sensitive areas of the body and feel the different stimulations brought by different pressures.

5. Erotic Audio

If your listening experience is more intense, erotic audio is your best choice. If you want to feel better, you can create a comfortable, aroma-filled environment, cover your eyes, and enjoy it more focused. With the openness of today's society and culture, pornographic audio has become more popular. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you can always find pornographic audio that you like.


ASMR is different from pornographic audio, although both stimulate sensory feelings through hearing. ASMR does not rely on attractive storylines, but on breathing sounds, whispers, nails scraping skin, and other sexual sounds in the ears. It’s fun to incorporate ASMR into your sex life. Try playing ASMR during sex or masturbation, or have your partner whisper in your ear.

7. Seasoning accessories

We can engage our taste sensations in many ways, such as feeding each other, smearing food, such as cream, on each other's bodies and then licking it all clean. You can also try some scented sex items, such as scented condoms, finger cots, massage oil, etc.

8. Blindfolded

Blindfolding is a very simple, commonly used and effective way to increase anticipation and excitement, amplify other feelings and allow you to better use your imagination. And it is very suitable for many games. Combined with other games, it has a more intense stimulation experience.

9. Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are also a very classic sensory play prop. They can apply pressure to the nipples by pulling, nibbling, and biting, reducing blood flow to the nipples and increasing sensitivity.

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