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9 Ways to Have External Sex

The concept of sexuality has evolved beyond traditional ideas. It's not limited to penetration; rather, it's a unique, personal experience. Intimacy can take many forms, clothed or unclothed, emphasizing shared sexual bliss. Let’s explore different ways to experience sex without penetration, often called “external intercourse.”

Non-penetrative sex, also known as extramarital sex, encompasses a variety of meanings. For some, it involves all sexual activity except vaginal penetration, while others define it as engaging in a variety of intimate acts without any penetration (e.g., fingering, use of internal toys, or anal play) . A progressive path to building intimacy, cultivating trust, and ensuring safety. Additionally, it acts as a preventative against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Now, let’s explore all the fun ways to get outdoors.

Having intercourse or sex without penetration offers a wide range of activities. From kissing and massage to dry humping and all forms of touching, the possibilities are vast. Some may also include mutual masturbation, manual masturbation, the use of external sex toys, different types of oral sex, solo masturbation, or even phone sex under the protection of an outside sex. The outer definition is subjective, allowing individuals to interpret it in various ways. Explore these fun ways to try outside classes…

1. Kiss

Kissing is not just an act of affection; It can be incredibly intimate, releasing oxytocin, the "love hormone." Exploring different parts of your partner's body through kissing can add an erotic dimension to your experience, helping you discover new sensual spots.

2. Massage

Massaging your partner can be a sensual and exciting activity. Slowly move through their body, approaching erogenous zones, and incorporate elements such as aromatic massage oils, candles and music to engage all five senses and enhance the overall experience.

3. Dry Humping

While it may sound like an exploration of youthful sexuality, dry humping can be an incredibly satisfying activity for adults. Clothing choice can increase sexual tension, choose fabrics that feel good against your skin or enhance sensation upon contact.

4. Mutual Masturbation

Since everyone is usually an expert on their own body, why not share this knowledge with your partner? In this case, mutual masturbation involves both partners simultaneously pleasuring themselves in front of each other. Not only does this promote a deeper understanding of each other's desires, but it also taps into the stimulating dynamics of voyeurism and exhibitionism, often culminating in a pleasurable shared orgasm.

5. Manual Asturbation

For a variant that excludes penetration, partners can engage in manual masturbation, using gentle strokes and friction to please each other. Introducing flavoring or sensation-enhancing lubricants can further enhance arousal.

6. Sex Toys

A range of sex toys cater to external stimulation, offering the option of solo or collaborative play. For example, a rose toy provides clitoral stimulation, while a tongue suction pleasure toy acts as a full-body massager for a sweet caress without penetration.


Red Rose Suction Blissful Intimacy Toy


7. Oral Sex

The term "oral sex" covers a variety of acts, including cunnilingus, oral sex, rimming and other mouth-related pleasures. This diverse product line offers a satisfying way to engage in sexual activity with your partner without penetration.

8. Solo Masturbation

Solo masturbation is a pleasurable form of self-care and provides the opportunity to explore and learn about your body. Discovering your erogenous zones allows you to communicate preferences with your partner, making it an enjoyable non-penetrative sharing activity.

9. Phone Sex/Sexting

Phone sex, or sexting, introduces a unique form of intimacy that doesn't rely on physical contact. This type of connection can spark excitement and excitement, paving the way for an enhanced experience when playing together or alone. Safety must be a priority when sexting, making sure explicit photos are only shared with trustworthy people. For added precaution, sharing nude photos without showing your face is a safer approach.

Did you know? Research outlined that only 25 percent of vulva owners achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. This suggests that penetration may not provide enough clitoral stimulation, a key factor in achieving orgasm for many women.

Additionally, certain conditions (such as vaginal dryness due to menopause, dyspareunia, or endometriosis) may make penetration uncomfortable for the owner of the vulva. For penis owners, conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can make penetrative sex challenging. Regardless of gender, factors such as medical conditions, medications, and mental health issues can affect the ability to enjoy penetration.

Given these challenges, it is beneficial to explore alternative forms of intimacy. Not only does it diversify your sex life, but it also provides the opportunity to experience new sensations and unleash your creativity.

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