Are expensive sex toys worth it?

Are expensive sex toys worth it?

Have you ever wondered whether an expensive sex toy is worth it? People will always tend to spend less money and pursue the best sex toys. Is spending top dollar on expensive sex toys really better than cheap sex toys?

But if you are new to sex toys, you can buy cheap sex toys during the early trial period to discover what kind of stimulation you like. In shopping for better sex toys.

1. Expensive sex toys usually have better designs

Expensive sex toys usually have a better experience in terms of appearance, shape design and texture, or handle designs that are easier to hold, etc. Even if they are the same type of sex toys, the stimulation and pleasure they bring are completely incomparable due to the difference in price.

2. Wider stimulation

Expensive sex toys can deliver more intense vibrations and stimulation, resulting in deeper stimulation. For example, many people will prefer the rumble of a vibrator to the buzzing sound, while cheap sex toys struggle to rumble. . Expensive sex toys usually bring powerful stimulation and better feelings in terms of vibration power and depth.

3. Safer and healthier materials

More expensive sex toys use safer, healthier materials without harmful substances. For example, common harmful and cheap materials, jelly rubber is a porous material that is not suitable for long-term use. It will allow bacteria to breed in the material, destroy the structure of the material, and change the original color and smell. This means that it should be removed. Throw it away. You also don’t want to increase your risk of vaginal infections and inflammatory infections by using sex toys that harbor bacteria.

Expensive sex toys often use materials such as 100% silicone, medical-grade stainless steel, and borate glass. These materials are nonporous and less likely to harbor bacteria. But you should also pay attention to cleanliness in your daily life, especially before and after using sex toys. This will not only protect your safety and health, but also extend the life of the sex toy.

4. Has special functions

Expensive sex toys often have special features that cheaper sex toys don't have. For example, remote control, APP connection control or good waterproof function allow you to play happily and for a long time in the bathroom.

5.Longer service life

Expensive sex toys are usually rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep replacing batteries. Many cheap sex toys still run on batteries, which have to be replaced again and again over time.

6. Save money in the long run

Expensive sex toys may save you money in the long run. Because expensive sex toys usually have a longer lifespan. There is also a longer warranty period. If the sex toy is damaged during the warranty period, it can be replaced or repaired free of charge. Cheap sex toys, on the other hand, may break down in a short period of time, requiring you to buy new ones.

7. Your happiness is worth it

Having more features, deeper stimulation, better appearance design, safe and healthy materials, longer service life, and maintenance period can save you more money in the long run. There are also special functions such as remote control to meet more needs.

How to choose the right expensive sex toy for you?

Choosing an expensive sex toy can be overwhelming, especially for those new to sex toys. So, before you start choosing your expensive sex toy, know your preferences, such as whether you prefer external or internal stimulation, or multiple stimulation, and what special features you like? This can help you better understand your preferences and narrow down the range of selective toys. After understanding the type and material of sex toys you like, you can choose the more popular sex toys among them, or read relevant reviews and evaluation blogs, which can help you better find the sex toys you want.

How to use expensive sex toys safely?

Before using sex toys, carefully read the relevant sex toy instructions to have a good understanding of your sex toys and related precautions. Use water and mild soap before and after use, or use a specialized sex toy cleaner. After cleaning, proper storage is also important. Dry the surface of the toy and place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid extreme temperatures and humid environments. After the toy is completely dry, it can be stored in a dust bag.

Final thoughts

In the end, sex toys are worth the investment and don’t be too scrupulous about your budget when it comes to sex toys because your pleasure is worth it.

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