Are you and your partner sexually compatible?

Are you and your partner sexually compatible?

Sexual compatibility is something many people want, but what does sexual compatibility actually mean? This article will talk about what exactly is sexual compatibility? How to tell if you are sexually compatible with your partner and how can we cultivate sexual compatibility?

What is sexual compatibility?

Sexual compatibility simply means the degree of fit between partners' sexual needs and desires. Will there be an instant spark between you and your partner, or will it take a little work for it to happen. But the good news is that sexual compatibility can change, which means that the sexual compatibility between you and your partner can change, and you can still work hard to stabilize your sexual relationship and emotions.

What are the benefits of sexual compatibility?

Sexual compatibility can make the relationship between partners closer and more intimate, and it is also an important part of the sexual relationship with your partner. Although sexual compatibility is not the only factor that determines affection and intimacy with a partner, good sexual compatibility allows each other to better understand and communicate with each other about each other's sexual desires and needs, and to achieve better sexual satisfaction.

How to tell if you are sexually compatible with your partner?

1. There will be a spark immediately

Do you flirt without preparation or unconsciously, do your conversations often revolve around sexual topics, do you feel your body temperature rise, your heartbeat speed up, and you feel nervous unconsciously when you are with your partner. So congratulations, you and your partner are attracted to each other. This desire is very helpful for sexual intimacy and harmony in your sex life.

2. You both know what kind of sex you want

Having a good understanding of yourself and knowing clearly what you want is the way to promote a harmonious and healthier sexual life. But how do you know your preferences? Masturbation is a great way to explore your sexual preferences, kinks, fantasies, and more. Fantasy during masturbation, whether it is more gentle or domineering, or BDSM, kink, etc.

3. Know each other’s sexual goals

Knowing each other's sexual goals can better understand each other's wishes and intentions, and also allow each other to have better sexual satisfaction.

Of course, sharing your preferences and sexual fantasies with each other is also a good way to get to know each other, or you can also try sharing each other's favorite types of pornography, etc. Don't be shy, this is a good way to understand each other's sexuality. Ways of desire and purpose.

4. Talk openly about sex

Communication is the foundation of everything. Only through open and sincere communication can we better understand each other's demands and wishes. If you and your partner can communicate freely about sex, that's a good sign of sexual compatibility. So don't be afraid to avoid criticism. Getting to know each other better in the process and solving current problems is the key. And talking openly about sex can also make the relationship closer and increase trust. 

5. You care about each other’s happiness

It’s important to care about each other’s happiness and respect and understand each other’s boundaries. Orgasm is not the goal, paying attention to each other's feelings during sex is the first priority. Good sexual compatibility is not about asking blindly. Only when there is a balance between asking and giving can each other have a better feeling. Good sexual compatibility is when both parties enjoy watching each other enjoy themselves.

6. Like similar sexual behaviors

If you and your partner enjoy similar behaviors and fetishes, then your sexual compatibility is largely compatible. But if there's a big gap between your kink and your partner's, such as very vanilla and very kinky, then problems can arise. At this time, it is very important to communicate in a timely manner and find a solution. Find a balance point acceptable to both parties to reduce this gap. Sexual compatibility can also be improved by maintaining a positive problem-solving attitude.

How to cultivate sexual compatibility?

If you realize that there is a lot of room for improvement in sexual compatibility with your partner, then how can we cultivate sexual compatibility with our partner in our daily lives? The first step is, of course, communication, sincere and non-judgmental communication with your partner to express your needs and wishes. Discuss each other's problems and find each other's balance points. Don't think that one communication can solve the problem once and for all. Only continuous communication can improve each other's sexual compatibility and enhance each other's intimacy. Or you can also try new activities that interest each other, such as exploring sexual fantasies, bdsm, sex toys, etc. Although getting rid of old sexual habits is more difficult, it is very worth trying. It can change both of you. Existing sexual status or even sexual relationships.

Final thoughts

Sexual compatibility is an important part of a romantic relationship, it is not set in stone and is affected by many factors. But we can improve each other's sexual compatibility through a positive attitude.

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