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Create Your Erotic Scene

Weird ideas are everywhere! You just need to know what to do with them.

And what not to do with them.

Which ones are to be completely avoided as they could land you in the hospital if you execute them the wrong way…

Reading erotic stories is a bit like browsing a smorgasbord of kinky ideas, and the great things can come from carefully crafted scenes based on your favorite adult novels. Sometimes we just need that little voice on our shoulder to whisper in our ears every now and again to help remind us when to whip out  feverishly jot down ideas, and when we can sit back and enjoy the story without worrying. We can't chew it!

Today, that voice will be played by me...


Start your own scene: find inspiration

Planning a scene can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you're not sure where to start, reading erotic novels can provide valuable inspiration. Whether you're attracted to tales of damsels in distress, naughty school teachers, bondage fantasies, or spanking erotica, these stories can inspire you to create your own fantasies.

Take cues from themes and elements in porn that resonate with you, but be careful not to simply copy entire scenes. Instead, focus on capturing the outline—the essence and atmosphere—that fascinates you. Use your imagination and combine elements from different stories to create your own unique scene.

Remember, our goal is to create a fantasy that inspires and fulfills your desires. So get creative and use your imagination as you start building your own erotic adventure.


WHO? What? when? Where? Why?

These elements can serve as great inspiration for creating your own erotic adventure. However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid getting bogged down in too many details. While specific scenes from erotic novels may be tempting, trying to replicate every element accurately may hinder the joy of your own exploration.

Instead, focus on capturing the essence of the scene that resonates with you—the broad outlines. Consider the following topics:

- A teenage girl attempts to escape after being tied to a chair.

- A sex-crazed pirate ship captain and a crew of enslaved servants.

- A visit to the doctor led to unexpected naughty ass play.

Let these concepts spark your imagination and serve as the basis for your own creative exploration. Encourage spontaneity and collaboration with your partner and let the scene evolve organically based on your shared desires and interests. This approach fosters a more authentic and fulfilling sexual experience, free from the constraints of strictly following a predetermined script.


Little Bites are Best 

While erotic fiction can be exciting and captivating, it must be recognized that it often exaggerates elements to enhance entertainment value. However, when planning real-life scenarios for real enjoyment, it's crucial to consider the human element and avoid unrealistic expectations.

Rather than trying to replicate every intricate detail of a fictional scene, focus on finding the aspects that really resonate with you. What specific elements fueled your passion for this story? These might be specific costumes, bondage techniques, dialogue, or power dynamics.

Once you've identified these favorite elements, carefully incorporate them into your own scenarios, keeping in mind the practicalities and limitations of real-life games. For example, instead of marathoning a ton of rigorous bondage, choose a few key elements to prioritize.

If certain costumes or bondage gear fascinate you, make it a priority to incorporate them into your scenes to enhance the atmosphere and fulfill your desires. Likewise, if specific phrases or power dynamics intrigue you, incorporate them into your game in a way that feels authentic and comfortable for all involved.

By focusing on the aspects that truly turn you on and combining them with realistic expectations, you can create a satisfying and fulfilling erotic experience that celebrates your unique desires and preferences.

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Prioritize safety in real life

When you draw inspiration from fiction for your own erotic adventures, it's important to remember that safety should always come first, even if this isn't explicitly mentioned in the story that inspired you.

In fiction, authors may choose to omit discussion of safewords, condoms, and other safety measures for a variety of reasons. In real life, however, these considerations are critical to ensuring the happiness and enjoyment of all involved.

While fictional characters may engage in fantasy without addressing safety issues, real-life encounters require thoughtful planning and communication to mitigate risks and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

By integrating safety measures into your settings, such as establishing safe words, discussing boundaries, and practicing safe sex, you can create a space for exploration to thrive while prioritizing the health and safety of all participants.

Ultimately, by approaching real-life play with mindfulness and consideration, you can continue to draw inspiration from your favorite stories while creating a safe and fulfilling erotic experience for yourself and your partner.

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