How to close the orgasm gap?

How to close the orgasm gap?

Orgasm gap is a very common situation, especially among heterosexuals. The probability of orgasm gap is greater. Heterosexual women often rarely reach orgasm. What is the reason for this? Are women hard to please? Today we are going to discuss what is the orgasm gap, what causes the orgasm gap and how can we close it?

What is the orgasm gap?

The orgasm gap refers to the difference and inequality in orgasms between men and women in a sexual relationship. Heterosexual women have far fewer orgasms than men. This situation is only getting worse with the cult of porn.

What causes the orgasm gap?

Due to the misinformation of porn, some men believe that women can have orgasms through penetration, but in fact only a small number of women can enjoy vaginal orgasms. Without understanding the partner's pleasure and only targeting the vagina for stimulation, the possibility of women achieving orgasm is greatly reduced, which leads to the orgasm gap between men and women.

How do we close the orgasm gap?

1. Self-education

Proper self-education is necessary if you want to close the orgasm gap. In today's developed Internet, the knowledge and information you want can be easily and easily obtained. There are also related videos, forums, etc.

2. Understand each other’s preferences

Communication is the foundation of everything. Communicate sincerely with your partner, choose a suitable time and place to communicate, understand each other's preferences, understand what kind of behavior your partner likes, what you like to do to him, and understand each other's sexual fantasies and Fetishes, trying new activities and sexual positions and places.

3. Don’t fake orgasms

Stop pretending to have an orgasm. This applies to any gender and sexual orientation. Pretending to have an orgasm will mislead your partner into thinking that he is doing the right thing or that you like his behavior. This will have a negative impact on your sexual relationship and emotions in the long run. Influence. So stop faking orgasms and tell your partner what you like to do, not just for a better sexual experience but also for mutual affection and sexual intimacy.

4. Pay attention to foreplay

Foreplay is an important source of sexual experience and pleasure for women. Foreplay is not just an appetizer. Foreplay can make the body better sexually aroused and provide sufficient lubrication for the body. A good foreplay greatly enhances the sexual experience. Foreplay can bring you closer to each other and keep your body in a state of sexual excitement and tension. Therefore, we must pay attention to foreplay, which not only focuses on women’s sexual experience, but also reduces pain and discomfort in the subsequent process.

5. Use sex toys

Usingsex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap and make both of you feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy.

Moreover, using a vibrator can better explore your own body and your own preferences. It can provide you with good feelings and sexual pleasure whether you have a partner or not. You can do it exactly according to your own wishes and experience happiness. Of course, using vibrators is not only good for health and allows us to better understand our own preferences, but vibrators also have different types and functions. You can try a few more to find your favorite. You can also use them in combination to get better results. Stimulates a more intense orgasm experience.

You can try some new sex toys, or try some less conventional sex toys. For example, cock rings, butt plugs, dildos, etc., you can also use them in combination. Glass and stainless steel toys in particular are great for experimenting with temperature play.

6. Experiment with different sexual techniques

Use different sexual techniques to experiment with what kind of behavior each other prefers. It is important to broaden your definition of sex. Only penetration is not called sex. Understand each other's preferences and what kind of behavior they like. The key is for both parties to feel happy and have a better sexual experience. You can also try some non-penetrative sex ideas, such as oral sex, BDSM, clitoral stimulation, role play, sex toys, temperature play, and even exploring each other's sexual fantasies together. Many people may find it difficult to disclose their sexual fantasies to their partners. But if your partner is interested in your sexual fantasies, you're not missing out on something wonderful. What’s more, you can explore your sexual fantasies and explore your boundaries together. New excitement can also be discovered. To satisfy your partner’s sexual pleasure and experience.

Final thoughts

The orgasm gap is a common phenomenon, so we need to take it seriously. Communicate with your partner, understand your partner's preferences, focus on foreplay, and try some new techniques and sex toys to improve your partner's sexual satisfaction and narrow the orgasm gap between partners.

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