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How to Enhance Libido

Have you been feeling low on libido lately, today we're going to discuss how to boost your libido and try to avoid the factors that contribute to low libido.

What is sexual desire?

Sexual desire is a person's mental energy that symbolizes sexual desire. It is affected by many factors such as stress, sleep, mood, age, and drugs. Sexual desire affects our motivation for sex and affects our relationship with our partner.

Factors leading to low libido


Excessive stress can lead to mental anxiety, and anxiety can lead to a decrease in people's sexual desire.

2.Depressed mood

Mood is also a factor that greatly affects sexual desire. Being depressed can easily lead to loss of interest in sex.

3.Past trauma

Past trauma and bad experiences can make people fearful of sex. Thus fear begins, which will lead to a certain degree of reduced sexual desire.


The side effects of medications for depression, anxiety, and other diseases can affect sexual desire.


As you age, your sexual desire gradually decreases.

These are four common factors that lead to low sexual desire. Relieving and improving these factors can effectively increase the level of sexual desire.

How to enhance libido?

So how should we increase our sexual desire? Here are a few libido-enhancing techniques that can effectively increase your libido.

Relieve stress and anxiety

When you are stressed and anxious for a long time, it will be difficult for you to feel sexual desire. Anxiety has also been clinically proven to damage sexual desire, so proper management and finding ways to relieve stress and anxiety are necessary. of. You can choose activities that you enjoy, such as sports, hiking, traveling, and meditation, or activities that make you feel relaxed. Of course it is also important to stay away from situations that cause you anxiety. If these cannot relieve your stress and anxiety, it is also important to seek appropriate help from a doctor.

Use lubricant

Lubricant can effectively increase sexual stimulation and improve the discomfort and pain caused by dryness. This discomfort and pain have a negative impact on sexual desire to a certain extent. Lubricant can effectively improve this situation and make sex more exciting.


Consistent and regular exercise can improve our physical function, promote blood circulation and improve cardiovascular health and mood. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your libido, and exercise has great benefits for our bodies and can make us healthier, so take action!

Give the room a romantic feel

When decorating our bedroom, we must first ensure that the bedroom is clean and tidy. At the same time, you can also light scented candles in the bedroom to give the room a charming fragrance. You can also arrange a few atmospheric lights to add some romantic atmosphere at night, and choose some small decorations that can increase your sexual desire, etc.

Improve sleep quality

Sleep takes up about one-third of our day, so the quality of our sleep has a great impact on us. Sleep also has a great impact on sexual desire, so it is important to improve sleep. You can do some exercise before going to bed, stay away from electronic products, drink milk, or use sex toys to increase our sleepiness. When necessary, we can seek help from a doctor to improve our sleep quality.

Eat libido-boosting foods and herbs

When ensuring a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, you can try some foods that enhance sexual desire. Although aphrodisiac foods will not immediately make you full of sexual desire, they can provide you with key nutrients and qualities. Here are aphrodisiac foods you can try:

Foods rich in zinc: such as oysters, red beans, pine nuts, etc.

Foods high in flavonoids: such as peppers, tea, citrus and cocoa, etc., can effectively prevent sexual dysfunction.

There are also some herbs proven to help increase libido:

Ginseng: Herb proven to have positive effects on sex and libido

Ginkgo biloba: is an herb used as an extract to increase blood flow, enhance libido, and is used to treat low libido. It has also been shown to help increase libido and sexual satisfaction.

Reduce alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol intake also has a negative impact on sexual desire. Although we may think that alcohol enhances sexual desire in daily life, alcohol actually reduces sexual desire, especially excessive drinking. So it's necessary to curb your alcohol intake when you're sexually aroused. 

Seek help from your doctor

If these daily or simple methods do not have a positive impact on your low sexual desire, my suggestion is to seek help from a doctor or sex therapist as soon as possible and rely on mental health and medication guidance and treatment.

Final thoughts

Sexual desire is affected by many factors, and it is important for people in romantic relationships to learn how to improve and enhance our sexual desire, and if necessary, seek help from a doctor and a sex therapist.

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