How to enjoy sex during menopause

How to enjoy sex during menopause

As age increases, the body's various hormones will decrease, and the sexual desire will also decrease accordingly. So how can we better enjoy sex during menopause? What changes does menopause bring to our bodies?

The arrival of menopause will not only change our sexual desire, but in some cases, our sexual intimacy and sexual preferences will also change accordingly. Therefore, we need to know our body better and understand what makes us happy. Very important.

What is perimenopause

Before officially entering menopause, you will enter perimenopause. Perimenopause is a transitional period. During this stage, your number of ovulations will decrease, but you will still be fertile and can become pregnant. Although your menstrual cycle will be missing and become irregular. Many people will enter this stage around the age of 40, but the time and intensity will be different for each person. The vagina can also become dry and the mood can be a roller coaster ride.

What is menopause?

When your last menstrual period ends, it means you have officially entered menopause, and some people feel disappointed and depressed because they are no longer within the range of childbearing years. But menopause is not all bad. It still has its own benefits. We will no longer feel the discomfort and pain caused by menstruation, as well as the discomfort and migraines before menstruation. You can also have more time to focus more on your own happiness and understand your own preferences.

How to better survive menopause?

1. Open communication

Are you dissatisfied with your current sex life? Or maybe you want to try some new things and ideas. But these are all based on communication and your partner's consent, so it's important to talk to your partner about sex. Have an open communication with your partner and choose a suitable time and place to make both parties feel relaxed and comfortable. Maybe you feel ashamed about talking about sex due to traditional concepts. Don't worry, this is a normal phenomenon. Only by talking about sex with your partner can you have a better sex life and experience.

Before you start talking to your partner about sex, be prepared that it may not be easy. But don't worry too much. After all, the starting point for a better sex life is good, but it is important for both parties to maintain a sex-positive state.

2. Take your time

Take your time when talking about sex and don't rush it. You can make an appointment with your partner at a time and place in advance, so that both parties can be prepared and focus on the problems to be solved. Express your purpose and desires and what is important to you. Understand what you both value most in sex. Let each other have a better sexual experience.

3. Focus on intimacy

When starting to explore, focus on mutual intimacy. You can increase intimacy through hugs, kisses, touches, or verbal inquiries. Don't be shy, touch your partner's body, look into your partner's eyes, and express your love with actions and words. Pay attention to being gentle with each other during this process.

4. Lubricating oil

As we age, the lubrication of vaginal secretions becomes insufficient, leading to discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. You can use generous and long-lasting lubrication, my recommendation is, use silicone-based lube. It can be kept lubricated for a long time and will not dry out easily, but it cannot be used with silicone sex toys. If you want a lubricant with a wider range of applications, I recommend a water-based lubricant

5. Expand your definition of sex

It's important to expand your definition of sex and break down some stereotypes. It's not just penetration that counts as sex. Sex can be defined more broadly, and intimacy can be expressed in many ways. Kissing, hugging, and holding hands are all sexual categories. No, only sexual intercourse is sex, and sex can be emotional, sensual, and physical. Therefore, by broadening your definition of sex, you can have a better sexual experience.

6. Sex toys

Choose to use sex toys to enhance each other’s sexual experience. Use sex toys as an aid to shorten foreplay, and of course sex toys can also be used during intercourse. It can also help your partner achieve orgasm. Moreover, sex toys are safe, healthy and hygienic, making them a product worth investing in. However, remember to clean sex toys before and after use. If you don’t know what category to choose, my recommendation is a vibrator, which can free your hands and save some energy.

7. Try new poses

Due to the effects of menopause, some actions may be difficult to achieve or become very strenuous. So at this time we can try some new postures. Menopause also affects people's sexual preferences. At this time, it is particularly important to expand the definition of sex. You can spend more time focusing on foreplay and pleasing your partner.

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