How to explore the anus safely

How to explore the anus safely

How to explore the anus? Exploring the anus is something that can bring new excitement and interest to sex life. Whether you're exploring alone or with a partner, exploring the anus is a way to spice up your sex life. Today here we will discuss why people like to explore anus, some misconceptions about anal sex and how to explore anus safely?

Why do people like to explore the anus?

Exploring the anus makes people feel novel. It can add new interest to people's sexual life, and it can also bring the pleasure of mixed orgasm, which enhances people's sexual experience.

Some misconceptions about anal sex

1. Anal sex doesn’t have to be dirty

This may go against your stereotype of anal sex, but the truth is, anal sex is not necessarily dirty. The place where feces is stored in the intestines is in the colon, some distance away from your playground. If you are worried, you can clean and rinse the anus well. Good hygiene is also a way to increase attraction, so that you can enjoy the pleasure brought by the anus more focused.

2. Enjoying anal sex doesn’t make you gay

Breaking the stereotype, anal sex is not exclusive to gay men, after all, everyone has a butt. Anal pleasure has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, after all everyone has the right to orgasm, and many men regardless of sexual orientation report more intense pleasure from prostate orgasms, so why not give it a try?

3.Shouldn’t hurt

Many people’s perception of anal sex is that it will definitely cause pain. In fact, this is not the case. Good anal sex does not cause pain. Pain is an early warning from your body, which means you should stop immediately. If you feel pain during anal sex, it is likely that there is not enough lubrication. Anal sex requires special lubricant and a large amount of use to ensure that you will not be injured due to dryness. Another reason why anal sex is painful is that the size is too large. Before we try anal sex, we need to develop the anus. We can start with a small-sized anal plug, slowly expand it, and gradually adapt to the size where we can try anal sex.

How to explore the anus safely

1. Establish boundaries

Before you start trying anal sex, it's important to establish boundaries. The first step is to communicate, have an honest conversation with your partner openly, understand each other's boundaries and set a safe word. It is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for each other. Of course, communication before trying to explore the anus is not permanent. After all, everyone's safety boundaries will change with the depth of exploration, so timely communication is a necessary condition to ensure safe exploration of the anus.

2. Preparation

Before starting anal exploration, you must not only be mentally prepared, but also physically prepared, and do your own hygiene to ensure that the genital area is clean and dry. How to clean or judge whether it is clean depends on your own standards and requirements. You can choose to clean the outside or rinse the inside of the anus. Exploring anal play can lead to chaos, so choose a suitable location such as a bathroom that is relatively easy to clean. You can also put a sex blanket on the bed so that you can better explore the anus without worries. This is also for the sake of each other's health.

3. Don’t just focus on the anus

Don’t ignore other sexy places, such as breasts, inner thighs, vulva, etc., just because you want to explore the anus. Don’t ignore these areas that can bring us pleasure. After all, we try anal play for pleasure, so pleasure is the reason. The most important thing is not to pay too much attention to the butt and ignore the parts that make us feel happy.


Giving your partner a massage can not only have a more pleasurable experience, but combining massage with exploring anal play can also relax the anal muscles, fully prepare for anal intercourse, and better enjoy the pleasure of anal intercourse.

5. Start small

Don't be superstitious that bigger is better, what suits you is the best. When we first try to explore the anus, we should start with a small size and gradually adapt to a larger size, so as to ensure that the process of exploring the anus is pleasant, healthy and safe.

6. Use anal toys

Investing in sex toys is a good choice, especially in the beginning. It is also necessary to invest in a butt plug set, which allows us to gradually expand the anus so that we can adapt to subsequent anal sex and anal play and the new anus. Toys such as pull beads and dildos, etc. But don’t forget to clean your sex toys. It’s important to clean them before and after use. If your sex toy is used both anally and vaginally, my suggestion is to put a condom on the sex toy before entering the anus to avoid cross-infection.

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