How to have great holiday sex

How to have great holiday sex

Summer and wonderful vacations are coming, it’s time to go on vacation in sexy clothes and enjoy the summer sunshine and warm wind. During the holidays, we can put aside the worries of life for a short time and let us focus more on enjoying the holidays and sex. If you want to improve your sex life with your partner, you might as well take this opportunity to make adequate preparations and embrace sex and life. 

1. Be prepared

Before you start enjoying your vacation, be fully prepared to have better vacation sex. For example, prepare lubricants, condoms, sex toys and their chargers, sexy clothing, sexy tools, etc. in advance. Bring items that you like and think will be a surprise for your vacation.

2. Create an atmosphere

Create an atmosphere to make sex more sexy. You can use dim and atmospheric lights, good-smelling aromatherapy, or pleasant night scenes, sexy partners, etc. to fill the air with more sexy atmosphere and gradually increase your desire. Increase each other’s spark.

3. Turn off your phone and computer

If you want your vacation to be uninterrupted, turn off your cell phone and computer, don’t reply to emails, messages, etc., and throw away the stress and worries at work and life.

4. Make a sexy wish list

Before embarking on your vacation trip, make a sexy bucket list. You can better record and arrange each other's wishes, and arrange each other's wishes into the holiday. Try new postures and new activities to bring different exciting feelings. Most importantly this list creates a sense of anticipation and excitement.

5. Sexy Holiday Games

Try some sexy games, such as cards, chessboards, sexy truth or dare, etc., which are not only fun and exciting, but also add new vitality and vitality to your sex life. You can take this opportunity to try some new things, which will bring different feelings. 

6. Role play

Role play can not only boldly use each other's imagination, but also take the sexual experience to a higher level. It’s also fun to try and explore, not only can you add tension and sexual excitement, but you might also discover your own new preferences in the process of playing another character.

7. Manage your expectations

People always have such high expectations for summer and dating. You might as well try to lower your expectations for holiday sex, and you will find more surprises.

8. New positions and sex scenes

If you feel bored and boring about being a missionary, you might as well try new sexual positions and more possibilities in new scenarios.

For example, try it next to the bathtub, or on the bay window with a beautiful night view. Please feel free to use your creativity.

9. Give each other a sensual massage

Massaging each other at night is not only relaxing but also increases intimacy. By lighting aromatherapy, playing sexy music and dim lights, you can create a better atmosphere and immerse yourself in each other's massage. Drop the massage oil on your palms and rub it, then slowly apply it on your partner's body to explore each other's sensitive areas. Is there anything more sexy than this?

10. Try to explore sexual fantasies

You feel ashamed to share your sexual fantasies with your partner. Then take this opportunity to talk about sexual fantasies with your partner during the holidays. In different scenery, try to explore and practice each other's sexual fantasies. Isn't it a matter of increasing excitement and interest? At the same time, it can also bring each other closer. relation.

11. Try new things

During the holidays, you might as well try new things, break out of your ordinary life and yourself, bring excitement and freshness to each other, and get to know each other better. For example, try new sex toys, BDSM, role play, sensory play, etc.

12. Choose the right time

When on vacation, it is inevitable to feel tired, especially when doing some activities. Therefore, if you want to experience better holiday sex, it is important to properly preserve your physical strength, so do not choose too intense exercise during the day to avoid being tired at night and just want to fall asleep. Or you can change your mind and try to have sex in the morning to start a new day with energy.

13. New activities

Studies have shown that couples can be happier by trying new activities. Trying new activities and unfamiliar things will stimulate the release of dopamine, endorphins and other hormones, allowing us to enjoy it more focused.

You can also try exciting activities, such as surfing, diving, hiking, skydiving, etc., which will stimulate adrenal hormones and make you feel refreshed.

14. Focus on each other’s feelings

During holiday sex, don't care too much about sexual goals, being too purposeful, or focusing too much on the number of orgasms. After communicating and understanding each other's desires before starting, the most important thing is to focus on each other's experience and feelings during sex.

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