How to have honeymoon sex in a long-term relationship?

How to have honeymoon sex in a long-term relationship?

How to keep honeymoon sex long-term and permanent is important in a long-term romantic relationship. Keeping it fresh in a long-term relationship can promote emotional intimacy. However, in long-term romantic relationships, the honeymoon period usually exists in the early stages of love or marriage. When two people get used to each other, the novelty will gradually fade, sexual excitement and tension will also weaken, and sex will become a routine. . In this case, how to rekindle each other's passion and desire becomes very important.

What does the honeymoon phase feel like?

In a long-term romantic relationship, the honeymoon period can add new desires and spices to our sex lives. Typically in a romantic relationship, the honeymoon phase can last up to two years and then slowly fade away. Couples in the honeymoon phase experience an extraordinarily high level of emotional and sexual arousal, which can play a role in initiating a mutual relationship. Couples in the honeymoon stage can't help but miss each other, often mention it in front of friends, and often ignore their partner's problems, etc.

How to have honeymoon sex again?

1. Create an atmospheric bedroom

Creating an atmospheric bedroom can not only make people feel comfortable, but can also ignite each other's sexual desire. We can start by keeping it clean and tidy, which is very important. A messy and dirty bedroom will not only extinguish people's sexual desire, but also make people feel anxious and uneasy during sex. And the prerequisite for creating an atmospheric bedroom is that the bedroom is clean and tidy. So how to create a sense of atmosphere? You can choose a scented candle with your favorite scent and light it in your bedroom to fill it with a charming fragrance. Decorate some small items you like in the bedroom, buy an ambient light or play some sexy music, etc. These can make your bedroom more atmospheric. I believe you already have your own ideas and create your own The atmosphere of the bedroom.

2. Embrace Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is a good way to cultivate mutual intimacy. Apply massage oil on your partner's body and feel your partner's body temperature and touch with your hands. Erotic massage can help people relax their body, mind and muscles. Giving erotic massage to a partner can also bring us closer to each other. Exploring our partner's sensitive areas and touching our partner's skin can help us get sexually aroused faster. Porn Massage is a great form of foreplay.

3. Increase the spirit of adventure

Add a little adventure and freshness to your sex life. After all, freshness is an important condition for igniting passion. Try new activities and things such as BDSM, role play, exploring sexual fantasies, trying new sex toys, or trying new sexual situations and positions. Before you start trying new activities, don’t forget to talk to your partner to make sure they’re okay with it. When communicating about new activities and things, you may create new sparks and discover new common sexual preferences.

4. Create surprise dates

Plan a date, create some small surprises for your partner, and give them surprise gifts. You can choose a new Western restaurant, or a restaurant full of romantic memories, or the place and project of your first date, etc., so that you can recall the happy times during the honeymoon period and better relive the honeymoon. period and having honeymoon sex.

5. Express love

It is important to learn to express your love to your partner in daily life. You can express your love to your partner by hugging, kissing, holding hands and touching before going out, as well as expressing love verbally, etc. Learning to express love is very important. It can not only bring each other closer and increase each other's intimacy and emotion, but it is also very helpful for honeymoon sex.

6. Maintain communication and communication

If you feel that there are problems in this relationship, or you want to make better improvements. Then communication with your partner is very important. Communication is the basis for solving problems and trying new things. Only by maintaining honest communication can we better solve current problems and create a healthier sex life. Remember to communicate It is not a one-and-done thing. Only continuous communication can better improve life and relationships.

Final thoughts

The honeymoon period is a memorable moment in a romantic relationship, and it is also precious because of its short duration. Therefore, it is very important to have honeymoon sex again. We can create an atmospheric bedroom, try erotic massage, give each other a surprise date, inject a little adventurous spirit into life, express love and maintain communication in a timely manner. Through these methods, let us regain a little bit of the honeymoon period and have honeymoon sex again.

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