How to have silent sex?

How to have silent sex?

If you are afraid of disturbing your roommates or family members during sex, or afraid of being embarrassed, then silent sex is very suitable for you. Here are some ways to make your sex quiet.

Although the silent environment may make each other feel embarrassed or lack passion at the beginning. But this will make each other excited. Looking at the expression of your partner who wants to moan but is patient, you can tease her in the ear to increase excitement and interest.

Tips to make sex quieter

1. Replace moans with kisses

Using kisses to cover your partner's moans can also make you closer and create a more exciting stimulation. Increase more physical contact and intimacy.

2. Biting a towel or quilt

If you want to avoid making any sound, biting a towel or quilt is a good choice. You can roll up the towel to achieve better results. If you can, biting your partner is also a good idea.

3. Stay away from the bed

If the shaking and noise of the bed or mattress are too loud, you can slow down the action. If you want to be more free and feel restricted, you can try to put mats and blankets on the floor away from the bed to ensure softness, comfort and warmth, and enjoy sex freely.

4. Background music

Playing music can not only arouse emotions, but also cover up the sound of sex. Let each other immerse in the sexy atmosphere, without worrying about the embarrassment of being heard, and can do what you want.

5. Shower sex

In the bathroom, you can not only isolate the sound well, but also make it easier to clean. You can also try new postures in the bathroom to increase freshness and interest. At the same time, the fragrance of bath products can also bring a good taste experience. Let us enjoy it more immersively, but before starting, make sure that you and your partner will not slip in the bathroom, so buying a non-slip mat is a good choice.

6. Use a gag

If you don't want to make too much noise during sex, then a gag would be a good choice. If you happen to like it, it's even better. If you don't have a gag in your bedroom, you can try using a tie, towel, or even underwear to stuff into your partner's mouth, which will make sex more exciting and twisted.

7. Try 69

Giving each other's mouths something to do, such as trying 69 sex, can make sex quieter, make each other a receiver and a giver, reduce the sound, and make sex more sexy and interesting.

8. Use quiet sex toys

If you want quieter sex, quiet sex toys can provide it, while saving physical energy. Whether you have a partner or not, sex toys can give a good pleasure experience. With the development of sex toys, there are also many quiet vibrators for you to choose from. If you are still worried about the sound of the vibrator, you can choose absolutely silent sex toys, such as dildos, butt plugs, etc.

9. Increase sound insulation

If you can't accept silent sex and can't stop having sex. Then increase the sound insulation of the room, it can also be a good way to prevent people outside the room from knowing and not affecting others. In order to prevent your sex life from being disturbed by people outside and have a better sex experience, this investment is worth it.

10. Increase noise

In order to make the sound of sex more concealed, you can add other noises to cover it up, such as adding white noise, playing music on speakers, using fans and humidifiers, etc., to cover up the sound of sex.

11. Stay away from home

If the environment at home does not allow you to have sex as you wish, then try to go out of the house and go on vacation to a beautiful place, or go to a nearby hotel to have a hearty sex. Although it is beautiful, this idea is not suitable for people with insufficient budgets, but it is also a very interesting experience to try it occasionally, and it can even become an excuse for travel.

12. No one at home

You can find out the time when your roommates and family are not at home and have sex. This way you can relax and release the sound to your heart's content, and have an adventurous sex experience. However, there is also the possibility that your roommate will return home or go home early, so it is important to be vigilant and grasp the time.

Final thoughts

Although both parties may not be used to silent sex at first, silent sex is by no means boring. You can make it more passionate and interesting. It is not very interesting to see your partner's face flush with pleasure but he has to hold back the sound, and to take the opportunity to tease him. You can be creative with your preferences. Silent sex does not mean boring, on the contrary, it can be very interesting. At the same time, silent sex also respects others and protects your privacy.

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