How to increase intimacy? Rekindle the passion in your relationship

How to increase intimacy? Rekindle the passion in your relationship

Feeling bored and burned out in a long-term relationship and want to rekindle the spark in your relationship? Want the intimacy of the honeymoon phase and rediscover your sexual intimacy with each other? How to increase intimacy and bond in a long-term romantic relationship. Moreover, intimacy can also bring us many benefits in romantic relationships, making sexual relationships more harmonious and allowing for deeper communication about sex.

What is an intimate relationship?

So what is sexual intimacy? When people think of intimacy, they think of sex, but sex is only part of intimacy, not all of it. Partners can increase sexual intimacy in many ways, such as asking their partners about their preferences, understanding each other's wishes and preferences, opening up about sharing each other's sexual fantasies and favorite types of porn, etc.

The importance of intimacy?

Sexual intimacy affects the sexual relationship between us and our partners. Sexual alienation will greatly affect each other's feelings and weaken each other's intimacy and trust. Reduced sexual intimacy can also make a relationship dull and distant.

What are the benefits of sexual intimacy?

1. Improve sexual satisfaction

There will be better intimacy between partners and a more harmonious sex life. They are also more positive about trying new things and talking about sex, which can be a good way to solve problems in relationships.

2. Enhance mutual feelings

Sexual intimacy also plays a great role in enhancing mutual affection and bringing each other closer. You will also be closer to your partner mentally and physically, and it will be easier to share and open up your heart with your partner, showing your true inner thoughts and feelings to your partner.

How to move towards a more intimate journey?


Communication Communication is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship, communication is the most important. Express your desires to your partner and understand each other's thoughts.

2. Keep it fresh

Novelty is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship. When the novelty fades, the relationship will lack passion and desire, and it will also affect each other's feelings. So how do you keep it fresh? You can create a little surprise for your partner in your daily life, give your partner a small gift, etc., or try something new. Such as BDSM, role play, exploring sexual fantasies and trying new sex toys, etc.

Using sex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap. It is important for both parties to feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy. You can also try some less conventional sex toys. For example, cock rings, butt plugs, dildos, etc., you can also use them in combination.

3. Express love and gratitude

Learning to express love and gratitude in life is an important thing. In daily life, learn to observe and give creative compliments to your partner, such as today’s dress looks great on you, today’s makeup suits you well, etc. To express praise and affirmation to your partner, you can start with some small things. Express gratitude to your partner,

4. Physical contact

In daily life, increase physical contact such as hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc. to increase intimacy.

5. Schedule sex

When many people think about scheduled sex, they probably associate it with being bad. Believe that sex lacks spontaneity and that arranging sex will make sex bad. But is this really the case? Arranging sex does not mean losing spontaneity. You can also create small surprises for each other and try new things during arranged sex.

Sexual activity does not necessarily include penetration. Arranging foreplay can also be a kind of arranged sex. Moreover, women do not feel good during penetrative sex. They can only experience pleasure during foreplay. So why not try arranging foreplay? Arrange to give each other massages, oral sex, bathing together, temperature play, etc. You can try out the ideas on your wish list here. Arrange foreplay, maybe it will be more interesting.

6. Exercise together

When partners exercise together, they can not only make their bodies healthier but also develop good habits. Hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin produced during exercise can also release happiness and make each other feel happier. At the same time, exercise can not only bring about a good and healthy body, a better-looking figure, but also make you stronger physically. Of course, this can also make sex more intense and lasting. Therefore, exercising together as a partner is something worth trying.

Final thoughts

Maintaining intimacy in a long-term relationship can maintain your relationship and enhance your feelings for each other. You can better open up about sexual issues, have better sexual experiences, and try sexual activities. Can better solve problems in sexual relationships.

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