How to increase vaginal sensitivity and achieve orgasm?

How to increase vaginal sensitivity and achieve orgasm?

For many women, vaginal orgasm is elusive. Next, we will introduce several methods to increase the sensitivity of the vagina and increase the possibility of vaginal orgasm, so that you can have a better sexual experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced person, these tips will help increase your likelihood of having a vaginal orgasm.

1. Communicate with your partner

Communication is a necessary way to start new activities and improve the current situation. It is also the most important thing in a good emotional relationship. Through communication and communication with your partner, you can understand what each other wants most and understand each other's sexual wishes and preferences. If you don’t know how to ask or want to know each other more deeply, you can try the yes, no, maybe list to better record and understand each other.

Only by understanding each other's wishes and sexual goals can we have better sexual experience and satisfaction, and enjoy our sex life better. Although the scope of sex is very broad, it does not mean that any sex can stimulate your desires, so it is important to understand each other's sexual preferences.

2. Extend foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of women's sexual pleasure, so extending it can improve sensitivity. It helps increase sexual arousal and stimulation. Try different types of foreplay to increase sensitivity and arousal. For example, ways to make the body more sensitive include hugging, touching, kissing, and exploring sexual fantasies.

3. Try different postures and environments

Whether missionary is boring and boring, trying new positions can bring life and energy to your sex life. Such as doggy style, 69, reverse cowgirl, etc. Don't underestimate how this small change can give you different stimulation and feelings.

Are you tired of having sex in bed? Try changing the sexual environment. Such as the bathroom, living room, terrace, or try outdoor scenes, such as car sex, parks after dark, etc. If you try outdoor scenes, remember to pay attention to safety and choose a quiet place with few people. The new environment will bring new exciting feelings and attractions. If you're used to a certain scene, try a new one to make room for your sex.

4. Focus on your breathing

Focusing on your breathing can help you focus better and feel better. Focusing your attention on your genital area allows you to have a better connection with your body, increasing the likelihood of having an orgasm.

5. Use lubricating oil

Using lube not only provides a smoother experience, but also enhances pleasure and stimulation. Let the body enter the state faster and reduce discomfort and pain caused by friction. If it is your first time to choose lubricant, my recommendation is water-based lubricant, which is more friendly to sensitive skin and will not react with silicone sex toys and latex condoms. It is suitable for many occasions and situations.

6. Explore erogenous zones

Try touching your body to see what makes you feel good. You can also use masturbation to learn how to achieve orgasm and what kind of behavior you like, and you can better inform your partner.

7. Add sex toys

Want more exciting sex? So why not try sex toys? It can give you extraordinary sensations and also promote the possibility of mixed orgasms. And it can be used well whether alone or with a partner. Sex toys also have many usage scenarios and can also be used as foreplay props.

With the development of the sex toy industry today, we have a lot of choices. Whether it is type, color or material, we can find what we like. You can also choose to try a variety of different sex toys to find your favorite. If you don’t know what sex toy to choose at the beginning, I recommend you the rose double-headed sex toy. It not only has a beautiful appearance design, but also has powerful functions. It does not only rely on vibration, but also provides you with a dual stimulation of vibration and sucking. Brings the pleasure of oral sex. It can also be stimulated internally and externally simultaneously, increasing the possibility of mixed orgasms.

8. Reach orgasm before sex

You can choose to have an orgasm before intercourse, which can make the genital area engorged and more sensitive, making it easier to orgasm. Therefore, before starting sexual intercourse, you can achieve orgasm by masturbating or using sex toys, increase blood flow in the genital area, and increase the possibility of vaginal orgasm.

Final thoughts

Achieving vaginal orgasm is not completely impossible, and there are several ways you can increase your likelihood of achieving one. During this process, the most important thing is to stay patient, take your time, and find a way that suits you. If you've tried a lot and still can't achieve a vaginal orgasm, don't feel frustrated. It's a great experience to explore your own process and learn more about yourself.

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