How to use sex toys with your partner

How to use sex toys with your partner

Want to add some excitement to your life? Then using sex toys with your partner can be a great choice. Sex toys can not only help us enhance our experience, but also bring excitement to our sexual life while also bringing us closer to each other.

So how do you incorporate sex toys into your sex life and how do you broach the subject with your partner?

How to pose this question to your partner?

If you rarely talk about sex with your partner, you may feel embarrassed when you ask your partner to add toys to your sex life for the first time, or you may be afraid that it will hurt your partner's self-esteem. Don't worry too much, as long as you express your wishes sincerely, sex toys can make your sexual experience better. They are just a supplement to your sexual life and will not replace them. Novelty is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship, and there's nothing to be embarrassed about pursuing pleasure and sexual experience.

What are the benefits of using sex toys with your partner?

Using sex toys with your partner can not only add interest and freshness, narrow the orgasm gap between men and women, and improve the quality of sex life. In the process of communicating with each other, intimacy and emotion can also be enhanced, better communication can be achieved, and it can also promote the exploration of sexual activities and things, such as sexual fantasies, BDSM, role-playing, etc. And after you start trying your first sex toy, you can also accept more and try different types of sex toys and add them to your sex life.

What type of sex toy to choose?

With the development of the sex toy industry, many types of sex toys have emerged. It is inevitable to be dazzled when choosing, so knowing the main needs of yourself and your partner before choosing can help you choose toys. For example, you can choose remote control sex toys. Not only can you feel the pleasure of controlling and being controlled, but if you like it, you can use it in many scenes and enjoy the pleasure even in different places. Therefore, remote control sex toys will be A very good choice. However, you can also choose magic wands, cock rings, clitoral suckers, anal plugs, etc. to add new stimulation to your sex life.

Basic sex toy tips

Here are several basic techniques for using sex toys, which can help you better understand sex toys, your own needs and how you want to feel, and help you have a better sexual experience and satisfaction.

1. Try using it on your nipples

Have you ever tried using a vibrator on your nipples? Want to know how it feels, why not give it a try?

You can try sex toys that use suction, such as rose sex toys, which simulate the stimulation and feeling of oral sex, unlike traditional sex toys that only rely on vibration. It can give you an extraordinary experience and a better orgasm.

2. Temperature game

Want to try out the temperature game? Applying it to sex toys is also a good choice. Try heating or immersing sex toys in ice water, which can give you a very different experience. If you want a more exciting experience, you can try glass dildos and stainless steel sex toys, because sex toys made of stainless steel and glass can Better heat conduction. When you insert them, they change blood flow, allowing more blood to flow to the genital area, making it more sensitive and stimulating to your nerves and sensations.

3. Wear the penis ring on your finger

Not only can a penis ring keep blood in the genital area for longer-lasting erections and hardness, it can also give your partner extra stimulation and sexual experience during intercourse. There are also other ways to use a penis ring, such as wearing it on two fingers to give your partner a different sexual experience and new stimulation. It is also a good way to shorten the orgasm gap between the sexes and improve women’s orgasm experience. .

4. Use the wand through clothes

The charm of the powerful vibrations of the wand can make us feel a very intense and fast orgasmic experience. But if you still feel unfinished because it's too fast, you can try using a wand through your clothes, which can relieve the sense of loss caused by reaching orgasm too quickly and prolong the feeling of sexual pleasure.

5. Use lubricating oil

Use some lubrication to make sex more exciting and fun. Use lube to make sex faster and reduce friction and increase comfort. If you don't know what lubricant to choose, my suggestion is a water-based lubricant, a lubricant that is suitable for most situations.

6. Do a good job of cleaning

It is important to clean the vibrator before and after using it. This is not only for hygiene and health, and to avoid the risk of infection and inflammation, it can also increase the service life of the sex toy and allow you to enjoy sex more focused.

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