Is masturbation considered cheating?

Is masturbation considered cheating?

Some people think that masturbation, watching porn, and using sex toys in a relationship are considered cheating? The answer is of course no. In a long-term romantic relationship, masturbation is a normal thing and does not mean that the relationship with your partner is not good. On the contrary, masturbation can also bring many benefits, whether it is the relationship between each other or health.

What is the definition of cheating?

Cheating is a subjective behavior, and there may be different standards for each person. Cheating generally refers to betraying a partner or doing something beyond the boundaries, such as emotional or physical cheating, such as falling in love with someone other than your partner or having sex with someone else. This is a common definition of cheating on a partner, and masturbation does not belong to any of them.

8 reasons why masturbation is not cheating

1. Masturbation is a way to explore self-happiness

Masturbation is a way to understand our own body better, make us feel pleasure, and also better express our sensitive points to our partners. Masturbation is also a way to ease the difference in sexual desire between partners. Masturbation is a private behavior that does not involve others. If you find that your partner is masturbating, it does not mean that there is a crack in your relationship. Timely communication is very necessary.

2. You can't cheat on your partner

Your partner may not be able to meet all your sexual needs, so masturbation becomes a good way to satisfy yourself. Masturbation is not a shameful thing. In a long-term healthy relationship, masturbation is a normal need.

3. Masturbation is private

Masturbation is a personal and private behavior, because our bodies belong to us. Even in a long-term romantic relationship, we have private space and the right to masturbate.

4. Masturbation can relieve stress

Sex is an act that requires considering the needs of your partner and taking care of your partner's feelings, which will also increase the corresponding stress and anxiety. Masturbation only needs to consider your own needs and can better explore self-pleasure. At the same time, the hormones produced by orgasm, such as oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins, can also release stress and relieve anxiety.

5. You can join your partner

Joining your partner in masturbation and masturbating with your partner can greatly increase the fun of masturbation. This is a way to better understand your partner's preferences and to increase the excitement of sex life. After all, what is sexier than watching your partner masturbate?

If you want to try it, it is important to communicate with your partner before starting to ensure that your partner agrees. Moreover, talking about sex with your partner can also increase intimacy and emotions.

Benefits of masturbation

1. Good for health

It can relieve stress and fatigue, let us fall asleep faster and have a higher quality of sleep. Orgasm will not only make us feel relaxed, but also make us feel happy and pleasant.

2. Know yourself better

Masturbation is also a way to understand yourself. In addition to exploring with your partner, self-exploration is also a good choice. Understand what you like, or your preferences when masturbating, and better tell your partner your preferences. At the same time, talking about sex and masturbation with your partner is also a topic that increases intimacy and excitement, and you can better understand each other's preferences, and you can also better explore and improve your sexual experience.

3. Make yourself more confident

Being more aware of how to make yourself climax can increase your self-confidence in bed and maintain a high level of sexual confidence and self-esteem.

4. Enhance sexual desire

Masturbation is not only healthy and safe, and does not involve others. It can also increase sexual desire while satisfying your own sexual desire, and masturbation has many benefits that are beneficial to sex life.

5. Reduce the risk of certain diseases

According to studies, the hormones released by orgasm can reduce the risk of some diseases, such as sexual dysfunction, penile cancer, etc., making us healthier.

6. Try new things

Masturbation can make you feel better, understand your preferences better, and increase the possibility of trying new things. For example, sex toys, role-playing, exploring sexual fantasies, etc. You will also have a better experience when trying with your partner, and increase the probability of convincing your partner. Or if your partner doesn't like something, you can explore it yourself.

Final thoughts

Although masturbation is not cheating, in some cases, masturbation may hurt each other's feelings and cause a crisis of trust between each other, especially in the absence of communication. Being caught masturbating by your partner may destroy your relationship and intimacy. So it is key to keep communicating with your partner, exchange ideas, and give each other respect and understanding.

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