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Sexting Guide

Whether you're with a Tinder match or a long-term partner, sexting can be an exciting experience. Expressing desires and fantasies adds a unique spark, but it also comes with its own set of risks, including the possibility of leaked sexting. While most of us don't face the same level of scrutiny as celebrities, it's crucial to proceed with caution. Lessons learned from celebrity sexting mishaps highlight the importance of approaching sexting with respect and consideration and avoiding reckless behavior.


What should you pay attention to when sending sexting?

  1. Send with someone you trust

When sexting, choose someone you trust who shares your passion for exchanging explicit messages. Reciprocity is crucial to a pleasant experience. It's not just for the mutual benefit; trust that the other person won't use your sexting against you if this happens. Remember, sexting often leaves a digital trace, so make sure it's in the best interest of both parties.

  1. Send it when you are awake

Choose to sext while sober to avoid impulsive decisions and potential regrets, such as sexting an ex. Being drunk can lead to incoherent messages and bad photos. Sober sexting ensures your thoughts and messages are clear. However, if you choose to sext while drunk, do so responsibly and make sure it is still an intentional act on your part and not just under the influence of drugs.

  1. Send expired text messages

Enhance your sexting privacy with expired messages on platforms like Telegram and Instagram. While some sexting may be worth revisiting, others are best left alone for now. The option for messages to disappear or expire allows you to enjoy the thrill of sexting without worrying about permanent evidence. This is a measure to increase safety and privacy and does not encourage participation in inappropriate sexting situations.

  1. Be careful about sending explicit photos and videos

Please be careful when sending explicit photos and videos as not only your face but other identifying features may be revealed. Be aware of visible tattoos or background elements that may give away your identity. If necessary, use cropping or blurring to protect your privacy. Despite the precautions, remember that photographing and sharing nudity should still be an enjoyable and consensual experience.

 A sexy woman lies on the bed sending sex messages

  1. Avoid too many exclamation points

Keep your sexting classy and eloquent by avoiding too many exclamation points, all-caps messages, too many emoticons, or onomatopoeic expressions. Sexting is a clear and precise form of communication. Use words that vividly convey your wishes and let the recipient imagine the scene. For example, a phrase such as "I just got out of the shower" creates a clear image that invites a response. Expressions such as "I like it when you talk like that" show encouragement and promote mutual understanding. When looking for inspiration, asking a simple question like "What is your fantasy?" can keep the conversation engaging and flowing.

  1. Keep communicating

It's best to check in with the person after sexting, as you need to recognize that this interaction can make the individual feel vulnerable. Send a quick follow-up message the next day, such as "That was fun," similar to morning pillow talk and breakfast sexting. This simple gesture can facilitate communication and ensure both parties are on the same page after texting.

Respect the privacy of sexting and keep it private. Just as you wouldn't secretly record yourself having sex and share the files, remember that sexting is for the recipient, not your group chat. Maintain the trust and confidentiality inherent in intimate communications.


How to sext better?

  1. Ask your partner what they’re comfortable with

Most importantly, always get your partner's consent before sexting. Consent is always key. You can do this by simply asking questions like: "What do you think about sexting?" or "Can I send you something dirty?"

  1. Enhance your partner’s expectations throughout the day

If you know that sending a sweet sext (or a dirtier sext) will turn your partner on, it can boost your courage and confidence to send it. “Like the physical act of sex, the accumulation is where the fun is,” Cupid reminds us. "Little comments or texts throughout the day can really build excitement, leading to physical contact."

      3.Expressing your love for your partner

Expressing your love for your partner can be a confident way to sext. Focus on fundamental aspects of your relationship, like the way their skin feels or the appeal of their voice during intimate moments.

      4.Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of your partner

Expressing excitement and excitement can be enhanced not only by stating your desires or plans, but also by explaining the underlying reasons. Providing the "why" behind your feelings adds a layer of sexual detail.

      5.Keep a light-hearted attitude when sexting and avoid taking it too seriously

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran of sending passionate messages, consider it a fun activity that can ignite the passion between you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to embrace your fun side, and if something seems awkward or humorous, remember that it’s all part of the fun nature of sexting.

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