Prevent common sex toy abuse: Get tips to make you feel better

Prevent common sex toy abuse: Get tips to make you feel better

What are some common mistakes you can make when using sex toys. Or want some more creative ideas for your sex toys? Let sex toys bring you new exciting feelings.

Common usage errors

1. Failure to clean sex toys promptly and correctly

Before and after using sex toys, clean them correctly and promptly with warm water and soap or a special sex toy cleaner. This can not only protect your own health and safety, but also extend the service life of sex toys. If sex toys are not cleaned in time, the surface of the sex toys may be corroded and damaged, damaging the sex toys, and causing inflammation and infection to our body's health. After cleaning the sex toy, remember to dry it and place it in a dry and ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

2. Too much focus on orgasm

By focusing too much on orgasm during play, you lose the joy of exploration. Paying too much attention to orgasm will put pressure on us invisibly, and if we don't achieve it, we will feel disappointed. You can try using wand sex toys to explore your body, such as breasts, nipples, inner thighs, and abdomen, and give yourself a sensual massage to enjoy better pleasure.

3. No lubricating oil is used

The use of lubricant during sex is essential. It is not only penetrative sex that requires the use of lubricant. Lubricant can be used with hands or sex toys, and using lubricant during solo can make it faster. Start enjoying. Lubricating oil can not only make you feel better, but also increase lubrication and reduce discomfort and pain caused by friction.

4. Choose the most popular

Sex toys are popular for a reason, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you. Find out what type of stimulation you like, such as clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, or other unconventional sex toys. But if you don’t know exactly what type you like at the beginning, it’s always good to try more. Then trying the popular ones can reduce the chance of making mistakes. Discover what we like

5. Not reading instructions

Some people may want to try out a new sex toy immediately after receiving it, forgetting to read the instructions. For many rechargeable sex toys, fully charging the toy before first use can extend the life of the sex toy. And before you start trying a new sex toy, reading the instructions and understanding its functions can give you a better experience and reduce frustration.

6. Failure to take appropriate measures when sharing sex toys

When sharing sex toys with your partner or partner, you must take appropriate protective measures and wear condoms to protect each other's health and safety. Avoid diseases or inflammatory infections. If you want to use your sex toy in the anus, you should also take precautions to avoid cross-infection and bringing bacteria from the anus into the vagina. Using protective measures can avoid disease infection and protect our health and safety.

Sex toy tips to make you feel better

1. Temperature Game

If you want to give your sex toys a better feel, then try the temperature game! You can put sex toys into hot or ice water. Note that some vibrators are not completely waterproof. Some sex toys are superior when it comes to temperature play, such as dildos, and sex toys made of glass and stainless steel, which conduct heat very well and stimulate your brain when inserted, making the genital area engorged and more sensitive.

2. Penis Ring

You can also use some creativity and imagination when it comes to penis rings. A penis ring can not only be worn on the genitals. You can wear it on two fingers and try to stimulate your partner's clitoris with your fingers and insert it into your partner's vagina. Or you can try wearing a penis ring on a dildo to bring new stimulation.

3. Use with a partner

Sex toys can also be used with your partner during your sex life. Adding sex toys can add a new interesting atmosphere to your life and bring you closer to each other's sexual intimacy. Don’t worry, sex toys will not replace your partner, nor does it mean that your partner cannot satisfy you. Sex toys are just a tool to allow us to have a better sexual experience with each other. Adding sex toys to our sex life can bring us so many benefits, why not give it a try?

Final thoughts

Sex toys can add new interest to our sex life and enhance our sexual experience. And in today's developed sex toy industry, we have a lot of choices, whether in terms of color, type or material. Sex toys enrich our sexual lives and have become an indispensable part of some people’s bedrooms. So knowing more about sex toys can lead to a better life.

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