What are sexual arousal types

What are sexual arousal types

Want to know what makes your partner's blood boil? What type of sexual arousal do you have? What will put you in the mood for sex, make you feel good, and get your body into the zone faster? Whether it's verbal stimulation, through touch, or when your partner wears sexy clothing.

Understanding your own or your partner's sexual arousal type can help you better put your body into the state and enjoy pleasure. Each sexual arousal type has subtle differences, so which one are you? Understanding your own arousal pathways is not a bad thing; on the contrary, it can bring you many benefits.

What are the benefits of knowing types of sexual arousal?

Understand your own sexual arousal type, you can recognize what behaviors make you sexually aroused faster, achieve better orgasms, help create and maintain intimate relationships, and achieve a satisfying sex life. And understand what behaviors your partner likes, and how to make her sexually aroused and happy faster. It can also shorten the distance between each other and enhance feelings.

What type of sexual arousal are you?

1. Awakening through conversation

To establish emotional communication and guide sexual behavior through chatting, communicating, etc., it is necessary to establish a safe and comfortable environment and a way to feel relaxed and happy to promote sexual arousal. It can be verbal or eye contact.

You can choose a quiet and comfortable environment to have in-depth communication with each other during a date, or you can ask some questions to help each other understand each other better. bring each other closer

2. Wake up by touch

Before you start having sex, use lots of touching, caressing your partner's body, holding hands, hugging, and kissing to get them excited and nervous. You can also try more sexually suggestive touches and behaviors, such as kissing their sensitive areas, ears, neck, inner thighs, etc.

3. Awakening through visuals

People who are visually aroused can achieve visual stimulation by wearing sexy underwear to better promote sexual arousal. You can choose to dress yourself up carefully and admire your beauty in front of the mirror. Complimenting your partner's sexiness is also a very sexy move.

4. Auditory arousal

Some people may have a soft spot for pornographic audio, or their partner's voice, dirty words, gasping, and moaning. It can stimulate their feelings more and lead to better sexual arousal. You can also use sexy music. If you or your partner are aroused by hearing, creating a sexy playlist together can greatly enhance your sexual experience.

5. Wake up through games

To better stimulate and arouse through fresh and exciting games, you may be more interested in role-playing, power dynamics, exploring sexual fantasies or kinks, temperature games, etc. These games, especially for imaginative partners, have great appeal and charm.

You can communicate with your partner to find out what games he likes best, and it will become more exciting and interesting if both of you are interested. At this time, boldly use your imagination to create your favorite plot settings and scenes, and create your own stories such as role-playing. Popular ones are: doctors or patients, teachers and students, etc.

6. Awakening through body movement

You can increase your body's excitement and heart rate through physical exercises such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, walking, running, etc. Physical activity releases hormones like endorphins, oxytocin, and prolactin, which can make them feel high.

You can try to make an exercise plan with your partner. It doesn't have to be a very strenuous exercise. It can be a simple walk after a meal, swimming, jogging, etc. Choose a sport that you both enjoy. And exercising with your partner can not only enhance the relationship between each other and promote the release of hormones, it can also make us healthier and increase the excitement of our partners, so why not give it a try?

Final thoughts

The type of sexual arousal varies from person to person and may occur through talk, touch, sight, hearing, play, and physical movement. Finding your own or your partner's sexual arousal type is of great help to the quality and experience of your sex life. In this process, you can also better understand the preferences of yourself and your partner. It is also a good opportunity to promote communication, bring each other closer to each other, and enhance each other's feelings.

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