What you need to know about mutual masturbation

What you need to know about mutual masturbation

Do you feel crazy hearing about mutual masturbation? If you are tired of the boring missionary and want to bring new excitement to your sex life, then why not try mutual masturbation? Maybe it can bring you new excitement and a better sexual experience.

What is mutual masturbation?

So what exactly is mutual masturbation? Mutual masturbation means that you and your partner start masturbating at the same time, completely exposing your masturbation behavior in front of your partner. Whether you use toys or not, this is a good way to increase your partner's intimacy and trust, and at the same time It can also improve sexual satisfaction. If you haven't tried it, why not give it a try?

What are the benefits of mutual masturbation?

Why are people attracted to mutual masturbation? Mutual masturbation can bring new excitement and interest to sex life, making each other closer and more trusting. Watching your partner masturbate and caress themselves is a thrilling and exciting thing. It also satisfies some people's voyeuristic desires and enhances each other's sexual desire and imagination.

How do we start trying to masturbate each other?

1. Start with a massage

As newbies, we can start by giving each other massages. Since a massage requires taking off clothes, it's important to keep the bedroom warm so your partner doesn't shiver from the cold and has a better massage experience. You can light scented candles during massage to relax your tense nerves and add interest to the massage. Give your partner a back, chest, foot massage or full body massage. Drop the massage oil on your partner's body, caress your partner's body, massage your partner's muscles, and give your partner a physical and mental relaxation. Mutual massage between partners can cultivate a sense of intimacy.

Simultaneous massage is a good way to explore your partner's sensitive areas. Observe your partner's reaction, understand your partner's sensitive areas, and find out their favorite parts. You can try to stay in your partner's sensitive areas for a while. You can also learn whether your partner prefers touch, gentle caressing or strong pressure. You can also understand where your partner doesn't like to be touched. It's important to respect each other's wishes.

Spend more time, focus on your partner's sensitive areas, be gentle, tease your partner slowly, and keep your partner in an excited state. This is also a great opportunity to explore your partner's sensitive areas and arousal points.

2. Use sex toys

Using sex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap and make both of you feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy.

Moreover, using a vibrator can better explore your own body and your own preferences. It can provide you with good feelings and sexual pleasure whether you have a partner or not. You can do it exactly according to your own wishes and experience happiness. Of course, using vibrators is not only good for health and allows us to better understand our own preferences, but vibrators also have different types and functions. You can try a few more to find your favorite. You can also use them in combination to get better results. Stimulates a more intense orgasm experience.

Adding some lubrication when using sex toys can make mutual masturbation more exciting and fun. Use lube to make sex faster and reduce friction and increase comfort. If you don't know what lubricant to choose, my suggestion is a water-based lubricant, a lubricant that is suitable for most situations.

3. Explore wearable toys

Of course, if you don’t know what sex toys to choose, you can also try remote-controlled sex toys, which can not only increase the excitement, but also connect you emotionally and sexually when you are in different places, bringing the stimulation and excitement of controlling each other. Or a cock ring vibrator, teasing each other while masturbating and watching each other's reactions bring excitement. Or you can also choose a wearable vibrator, which can control and tease each other when you go out. The outdoor environment can also bring freshness and more intense stimulation and tension.

How to try mutual masturbation from a distance

Starting with sexting is a great way to flirt, and over time you can try phone sex, video, mutual masturbation, or role play. Of course, it’s also a very good idea to find a suitable remote-controlled sex toy and explore it however you like. You can even send your sexy lingerie or sex toys to the other party.

Final thoughts

Mutual masturbation can bring new colors and new excitement to our sex lives, and can also enhance mutual sexual intimacy. If you haven't tried it, why not?

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