Why is Pride Month important? How should we celebrate it?

Why is Pride Month important? How should we celebrate it?

It's already mid-June and Pride Month is in full swing, so I'm sure you're already feeling the Pride Month vibe. If you don't know about Pride Month, or want to celebrate it better, this article will cover, the history of Pride Month, and what to do to celebrate it better.

The Historical Origins of Pride Month

In June 1969 the Stonewall Bar in New York, suffered a police raid and assaulted patrons and emptied the bar. Although the culture and laws of the time were not accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, the patrons fought back, igniting the LGBT rights movement. The Stonewall Uprising became the spark for the worldwide fight for LGBT rights. To commemorate the Stonewall Uprising, a Pride parade was held in June 1970, starting at the Stonewall Bar. Pride Month was recognised in 1994 by a coalition of educational organisations in the United States, which designated October as Pride Month, and in June 1966, US President Bill Clinton, designated June as Pride Month in commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising. US President Barack Obama 2016Miami also developed the Stonewall National Monument in order to honour the origins of Pride Month.

The impact of Pride Month on LGBTQ+ people

Pride month makes LGBTQ+ visible and allows others to know and understand the LGBTQ+ community more both while increasing the success of the fight for LGBT rights. Stonewall has not only inspired the gay rights movement in the United States, but has had a significant and positive impact on many countries and regions around the world, from big cities to small towns.

Pride Month Activities

The main event of Pride Month is the Pride Parade, which over the years has spawned many events such as workshops, drag balls, seminars, as well as the sale of DIY rainbow related items during Pride Month to increase the sense of self-identity.

LGBTQ+ culture and art

Sharing and reading about LGBTQ+ related artwork and cultural pieces can promote a particular perspective on the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the actual struggles they face, allowing those who view it to feel more and understand the culture better, and promoting the possibility of affirmative action.

Why celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month is not just about commemorating the Stonewall Uprising of 1969, but also about making the LGBTQ+ community visible and more understood and accepted. Celebrating Pride Month is significant and can also have many positive effects, fighting for love and equal rights.

Pride month is not just about unity, diversity and equality, it can convey the knowledge of pride month to a wider audience for more understanding and respect, but celebrating pride month can also strengthen self-identity and finding a sense of belonging. Celebrating Pride Month also allows the world to see us, the diversity of genders and sexual orientations, the different lives and colours that create more possibilities.

At the same time Pride Month is a time to celebrate and reflect, to pursue LGBTQ+ rights and the ongoing quest for equality, as well as to celebrate the growing scale of Pride Month.

How best to celebrate Pride Month?

1. Participate in the Pride Parade

The Pride Parade continues to be one of the biggest events of Pride Month, and the Pride Parade is one of the most special, extraordinary, and influential events. Stonewall proves that silence is not an option for us, and that only by being seen and expanding our influence and awareness will we be noticed where rights are unequal.

2. Participate in Pride Month related activities

Throughout the years of celebration, there have been many events, such as workshops, drag balls, seminars, book clubs, movie nights, etc., as well as Pride Month sales and DIY rainbow related items.

3. Learn more about LGBTQ+ history and culture

During this period of time, self-learning to better understand the relevant historical and cultural knowledge, to popularise and spread the relevant culture and knowledge to others, and also to help others to better understand and break down some of the inherent impressions and prejudices.

Knowing more can also break down the prejudice in your mind, so that you can communicate with your LGBTQ+ friends in a more friendly way and avoid hurting them.

4. Support LGBTQ+ artists and businesses

Supporting them is not only about giving help and contributing to the fight for gay rights.

5. Show your support

Show your support offline by participating in parades or related events, and online by retweeting or posting your support for Pride Month, which can also spread the word and increase your influence.

6. Participate in a book or film night

Read Pride-related books, organise a Pride Month reading group, and read relevant books and magazines to promote and gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ culture. A Pride film night is also a great option. You can also watch it with your mates and discuss it together.

7. Focus on LGBTQ+ friends around you

The most important thing to do during Pride month is to pay attention to your friends around you; the fight for affirmative action is far from over. Show that you care, listen patiently, and understand.

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