Why Is Sexual Aftercare Important?

Why Is Sexual Aftercare Important?

The quality of sexual aftercare has a great impact on the sexual experience. But it is often ignored, or rarely mentioned and taken seriously by people. Sexual aftercare is not only a physical care for the partner, but also an emotional care for the partner. Especially for women, this will greatly affect the judgment of the satisfaction of the sex.

Therefore, we should pay attention to sexual aftercare. Today I will discuss the scope of sexual aftercare, what behaviors it includes, and how we should perform sexual aftercare.

So what is sexual aftercare?

There is no clear behavioral definition of aftercare. Nothing is or is not necessarily sexual aftercare. Behaviors that can take care of your partner physically and psychologically after sex are considered sexual aftercare. Of course, the behavior to engage in depends on what you and your partner prefer. For example, clean your partner's body, prepare delicious food for her, send her tea and drinks, hug and kiss her, etc.

What are the benefits of sexual aftercare?

So why do we need aftercare? Sexual aftercare is not only important in BDSM. Sexual aftercare in daily sexual behavior can also bring us many benefits, such as providing emotional care to our partners, which can increase each other's happiness and bring them closer. Connecting with each other and cleaning each other's body parts can make you safer and healthier, prevent diseases and increase trust in each other.

Reduce the impact of negative emotions

During sex, we will be affected by many hormones, such as oxytocin, prolactin, endorphins, etc. Because of these hormones, we will feel very happy and happy during the process, and our mood will be better after it is over. Big ups and downs can cause people to feel a gap in their hearts, as well as emotions such as embarrassment, shame, anxiety, etc. Therefore, it is important for your partner to provide emotional aftercare at this time. Such as hugs, kisses and sincere communication with your partner, etc. It can very well relieve and alleviate these negative emotions, and avoid worse situations such as post-coital depression, alienation and broken relationships, etc.

What does aftercare include?

Clean up each other’s body

It is very important to clean up each other's body after sex. It is not only related to health, but also a guarantee of sexual well-being. Cleaning up each other's body carefully and watching the other person carefully clean up their own body are both a happy thing and a way to build trust and affection. Of course, don’t forget to clean the sheets, sex toys, bedding, etc.

Massage each other

Massaging each other after sex can not only relieve tired muscles and body, but it is also a comfortable mental enjoyment. If it can be paired with scented candles and soothing music, and then apply massage oil on each other, and in a comfortable environment, the partner can give the massage just right, I think it will be a double spiritual and psychological enjoyment.

Take a bath together

Bathing in the bathtub with your partner is also a great treat. Apply the bubbles to each other's body, scratch each other's skin, rub each other's backs, and clean each other's bodies. The two of them were immersed in the fragrance of the bath, gradually increasing their feelings and trust.

Sincere communication

After sex, sincerely communicate with each other about your feelings and talk about what each other liked, disliked or were indifferent to during the previous process. In this process, you can have a better sexual experience next time. Reflect on your actions and embrace better experiences. Of course, if you feel that talking about this after sex is a hurtful thing, you can also choose a time that suits you and a tactful way to tell the other person your thoughts and feelings.


After it's over, hugging and kissing is a very simple, but very effective thing to do to make peace with the feelings and actions just now. It can also relieve embarrassment and depression after sex.


Kissing is a great way to express love, and kissing after sex is also an act of affirmation. It is also a kind of tenderness for the aftermath.

Provide water and food to the other person

It's normal to feel hungry and thirsty after sex, as a lot of energy and fluids are consumed during sex. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish water and energy in time afterwards. Then we can prepare some snacks, fruits, drinks and water, or what the other party likes to eat in advance. Being a caring partner is also a way to warm up your relationship.

Watch movies and listen to music together

You can also do some entertainment activities afterwards, such as watching movies together in bed or playing some music.

Final thoughts

In daily sexual behavior, we should also pay attention to sexual aftercare. This is not only for each other's health, but also a way to enhance feelings and soothe each other's heart and emotions. We all need to pay attention to it.

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