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Why Masturbation Is Good for Your Health

You must have heard more or less about the benefits of masturbation. Let us better please ourselves. Today I will discuss the benefits of masturbation to our bodies and what we need to pay attention to?

What are the benefits of masturbating?

1. Relieve pain

Relieve pain. The release of endorphins, oxytocin, prolactin and other hormones produced during masturbation can relieve pain and cramps and make us feel happy. Women masturbating during their menstrual period can also relieve menstrual pain, but they must pay special attention to hygiene during this period to prevent the growth of bacteria and inflammation.

2. Reduce stress and anxiety

Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress because it boosts endorphins and other hormones that relieve stress. Focusing on the process of sex and putting other things aside temporarily can also be very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

3. Better sleep

Usually after sex, we release prolactin and oxytocin, which will make us feel tired and sleepy. At the same time, sex can also make us sleep better, which is why many couples choose to do it before going to bed. Sex. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, you have a lot of sex toys to choose from. This is a way to free your hands and improve sleep at the same time. Why not?

4. Enhance sexual desire

Masturbation stimulates your body's desire, enhances your sexual desire, ignites the desire for sex and orgasm, and makes you feel good about sex.

5. Improve your skin

Masturbation can improve your skin, making it look more rosy and shiny. During sexual intercourse, blood flow will increase to the face, and blood vessels will dilate, making your complexion look rosy and translucent. At the same time, it can reduce stress and improve sleep. These combined factors will make your skin and mood better, so You will look younger.

6. Pelvic floor muscles become stronger

Masturbation can exercise your pelvic floor muscles, making your pelvic floor muscles stronger. During masturbation, the pelvic floor muscles will involuntarily contract. Like other muscles, they will become stronger when you use them. This will bring us a benefit. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger the sexual desire will be, and the more intense sex can be felt.

7. Improve your mood

Masturbation can improve your mood and make people feel pleasurable. Most sex will bring people pleasure, except for some special circumstances or insufficient sexual lubrication, which leads to pain during intercourse. So it is very important to choose lubricant during sex. I recommend water-based lubricant to you. It is safe and suitable for most situations. Using lube not only reduces friction but also makes sex more pleasurable. At the same time, the release of some hormones during sex will also make us happier. Consensual, high-quality sex makes people happier, according to one study.

8. Understand your body better

In the process of exploring your body, you can learn more about your sensitive areas and ways to pleasure yourself. Of course you can try a variety of things that make you feel happy, such as your hands, a vibrator, a shower head, explore your body and touch yourself. You can also describe to your partner more accurately what you want the other person to do to you, what behaviors you like, etc., so that you and your partner can have a better and more pleasurable sexual experience.

9. Boost your confidence

Masturbation is also a way to enhance your confidence. You don’t have to think about pregnancy or pleasing your partner. You can feel your own happiness better. You can also overcome your lack of sexual confidence and make yourself sexually satisfied and during sex with your partner. It can also tell your partner more accurately what kind of behavior can be more pleasurable and better enjoy orgasm.

What do we need to pay attention to?

1. You might hurt yourself

Masturbation is usually harmless and healthy. But if you do it for too long or too hard, you may injure yourself. At the same time, you must ensure that your hygiene is in place, especially the cleanliness of your hands, genital area, and sex toys, so that you can better enjoy masturbation without the troubles caused by bacteria and inflammation.

2. May feel ashamed

You may be in a relatively conservative culture and family, and feel ashamed about masturbating, especially after orgasm. The huge emotional gap will leave you in a state of regret and shame, but masturbating is not sinful. We should get rid of some prejudices and take it seriously. You can also alleviate this feeling of shame by learning more about sex and masturbation and forums. Although this requires a certain amount of time, it is well worth practicing. Only by overcoming the impact of these negative emotions can you better feel and experience orgasm and masturbation.

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