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Rose Rotation & Vibration Stimulator

Rose Rotation & Vibration Stimulator

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Indulge in ultimate pleasure with our Rose Rotation & Vibration Stimulator, meticulously crafted from medical-grade silicone and ABS for an exquisite touch. Available in captivating Rose Red and playful Pink colors.


Experience a myriad of sensations with its versatile vibration capabilities, offering 9 distinct frequency vibrations, 9 enticing rotation patterns, and an indulgent neutral mode.


Crafted for comfort and convenience, this vibrator weighs a mere 188.2g, ensuring effortless and pleasurable use. Its dimensions of 195*58.48mm fit perfectly in your hand, enabling precise exploration and stimulation.


Powered by a 3.7V/320mAh lithium battery, enjoy extended sessions with a remarkable working time of 40-65 minutes. Recharge swiftly within 80 minutes via the magnetic USB feature for uninterrupted intimate adventures.


Discreet and intimate, this vibrator maintains a maximum noise level of ≤58dB, safeguarding your privacy. Embrace enhanced pleasure in the bath or shower with its IPX7 waterproof rating.


Elevate your intimate moments with the Rose Rotation & Vibration Stimulator – a sophisticated and sensual addition to your pleasure repertoire.

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What is a rose toy?

The Rose is a great beginner toy and a great option for those who are not used to direct clitoral stimulation. It's designed to fit over the head of the clitoris, providing indirect stimulation through pulsations of air, which makes it a great choice for newbies.

How to clean rose toy?

Clean rose sticks are very important, related to the life of your beloved little rose and your vaginal health! Careful cleaning should be carried out before and after use. If you are sleepy after orgasm, please wrap the rose toy with cleaning wipes and put it on the bedside table, wipe the body fluid and lubricant on the rose vibrator first, and clean it as soon as possible after resting.

What does a rose toy do?

Unlike traditional vibrators, the Rose Toy uses concentrated, pulsating air suction on the clitoris, which many users compare to oral stimulation

Are the rose toys waterproof?

The waterproof level is IPV7 and can be submerged in water

When can it be shipped?

3-5 business days after you place the order.

When will you receive the goods?

We ship locally in the United States and deliver the product within 7-14 business days. Rush service available if you are in a hurry.